Soffits and Fascias

Whether you’re hiring a pro or doing it yourself, it’s important to know the parts of your roof. An exterior soffit is located on the span beneath the rafter tails, while the fascia is the exposed horizontal band you see at the end of the rafters.

These architectural elements found along the eave area do more than just add visual interest and give a finished look to your home. They help protect the exterior of your house by keeping out pests like bats, birds and squirrels, and give you a way to disguise ventilation for your attic.

Spahn & Rose offers the best quality fascia and soffit for easy install for several different types of applications.

What Is Fascia?

As an important part of a roof, fascia is found underneath the roofline just behind the gutters. Think of fascia as trim around your roof which is mounted on the exposed ends of the rafters or the top of the exterior walls to create a layer between the edge of the roof and outside. The most commonly used materials for fascia are wood, plastic and aluminum.

What Is Soffit?

Soffit resides tucked away underneath the fascia board. It can be used under porches, stairs and around a home’s roof. Soffit can be made out of aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, wood or steel. Soffit can be vented to allow the flow of air into your roof which is ideal. Without having adequate ventilation, condensation will form in your roof increasing rot and decay.


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