Building Materials and Job Site Delivery

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The logistics of your construction project can be difficult to manage, especially with so many other things on your mind. Spahn & Rose can ensure timely, consistent delivery of lumber as well as many other key building materials. With a diverse fleet of delivery vehicles, our staff can assist you with projects of every size. Available trucks include:

  • Boom trucks – Also known as a telescoping crane, these vehicles offer reliable stability when lifting heavy vertical loads.
  • Drywall trucks – These trucks are similar to knuckle boom cranes but are only designed to bend in the middle. While primarily for lifting drywall to the appropriate floor of multi-story properties, these trucks are also useful for transporting any palletized material.
  • Moffit trucks – A truck-mounted forklift can streamline your jobsite by combining delivery and unloading into one vehicle. We’ll place the truck right where you need the materials to go before unloading them with the forklift.
  • Flat beds – These versatile trucks can haul all kinds of building materials, and our staff will ensure your products are kept safe and well-organized through drop-off.
  • And much more!

Please note that every type of vehicle is not necessarily available at all Spahn & Rose locations. To confirm if a specific truck is available for delivery services, contact your nearest store.

Why Choose Spahn & Rose for Delivery?

While other companies outsource their delivery services, Spahn & Rose can provide quality delivery support in-house. Our trained, certified drivers will be happy to help.

  1. All building materials when and where they’re needed: Delayed or haphazardly placed materials can hamper your productivity. Our qualified delivery staff will do everything they can to keep your jobsite moving efficiently.
  2. Safe, secure delivery: It’s frustrating to anticipate lumber delivery only to discover the products have been damaged while in transit. Spahn & Rose drivers take every precaution to keep your building materials in pristine shape.
  3. Versatile, post-delivery support: For some companies, “delivery” means dumping everything on the curb and letting you figure out the rest. We utilize truck-mounted forklifts, boom cranes and other specialized vehicles to put supplies in their proper place.

No matter where your jobsite is, our convenient locations across the Midwest will provide the fast and reliable delivery service you deserve. Ask about free delivery for qualified purchases!