From deciding on a new paint color for a family room to designing a dream home, the Spahn & Rose Home Visualizer is your fast, handy tool.

For contractors, the Spahn & Rose Home Visualizer is an invaluable tool. Contractors can quickly and easily show clients what different building materials would look like in an existing home or a new build. Contractors can offer clients a vast selection of products in an incredible array of colors, styles and materials.

To visualize a renovation, simply upload a photo, then select the Spahn & Rose high-quality building material brands of roofing, siding, cabinets, trim or paint. The Home Visualizer will create an image incorporating the new building materials that you can save. By creating an account, you can save project ideas, and share dream homes with friends and family by email or social media.

Learn how to upload photos to customize your home visualizer here: