Spahn & Rose Virtual Home Gallery

Spahn & Rose Lumber Company is proud to feature homes in our Virtual Home Gallery each year. Browse through each home from the comfort of your own and let us know if you have any questions about the products along the way!

Spahn & Rose would love to showcase your project!

We are searching for projects to capture on film for our Virtual Home Gallery. A professional photographer would contact you to set up a time that works best for both of you. Then we use the images or film to help showcase the products to customers who want to see how they turned out!

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House #4 - 2022

West Union Yard
Clermont, Iowa


House #6 - 2022

Knoxville Yard
Knoxville, IA


House #1 - 2020

Dubuque Yard
Dubuque, Iowa

1422 Cedar Trail Drive, Dubuque, IA1

House #2 - 2020

Dubuque Yard
Dubuque, Iowa

1359 Cedar Trail Drive, Dubuque, IA3

House #3 - 2020

Warren Yard
Apple River, Illinois


House #4 - 2020

Warren Yard
Warren, Illinois

11156 E MAHONEY-1

House #5 - 2020

Decorah Yard
Decorah, Iowa


House #6 - 2020

DeWitt Yard
Bettendorf, Iowa

5182 Pandit Drive, Bettendorf, IA11 copy

House #7 - 2020

Knoxville Yard
Norwalk, Iowa

3814 Autumn Sage Circle, Norwalk, IA1

House #8 - 2020

Knoxville Yard
Indianola, Iowa

1204 South O Street, Indianola, IA2

House #9 - 2020

Knoxville Yard
Knoxville, Iowa

1402 Deer Run Drive Knoxville, IA1

House #10 - 2020

DeWitt Yard
DeWitt, Iowa

Dewitt4 copy

House #11 - 2020

DeWitt Yard
Moline, Illinois

7438 35th Ave, Moline, IL2 copy