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Ask a professional painter about the two most important aspects of doing a quality job, and he’ll likely say two things: surface prep and paint choice. Surface prep takes lots of elbow grease and some general know-how. But buying the best paint for the job is easy with advice from Spahn & Rose’s paint experts. (more…)

Protect Your Home: Paint vs. Stain

Dramatic temperature swings, relentless summer sun and punishing winters mean Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin homeowners need to protect their homes with high-quality paints and stains. 


Save on Energy Costs This Summer with Insulation

Insulating your attic or crawl space might feel like a project best done just before winter. Yet you can potentially save a lot on energy costs by insulating your home this summer. Especially given today’s high energy costs, it makes even more sense to do whatever you can to keep the cool air in and the summer heat out. (more…)