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CertainTeed Siding, Roofing Offer Vast Selection of Colors

With CertainTeed shingles on their roof, homeowners can be confident in some of the best weather protection possible. Recently, CertainTeed’s Landmark PRO line was certified as Class III impact-resistant, which means the shingle must withstand a 1¾-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet. Such strength and durability are hallmarks of CertainTeed, but aesthetics matter, too: A wide array of color options for shingles, siding and trim enable homeowners, builders and contractors to create eye-catching designs that boost curb appeal.


Deck Buying Guide

There are several options for decking materials to choose from. They each have their own features, benefits and costs and it’s important to weigh these considerations carefully prior to starting your project.To ensure that you select the best decking material for you and your home, consider:The size of your budgetTime and energy needed for maintenanceWhat you want your deck to look like


With LARSON’s line of innovative products, you can have it all—refreshing breezes, panoramic views and security. As part of Spahn & Rose’s LARSON Spring Sale, which runs through May 26, the more LARSON storm doors, windows and screen solutions you buy, the more you save. Here’s how the sale works:


Easily Mix & Match Color Schemes with Metal Sales Color Visualizer 

Deciding on roofing colors just got much easier with Metal Sales Color Visualizer tool.This online tool for contractors and homeowners allows you to select type of building—including agricultural, light commercial, or residential—and compare the vast number of roof and exterior wall colors available from Metal Sales.

Experience Beautiful Design, Stunning Workmanship in the Spahn & Rose Summer Virtual Home Showcase

If you’re thinking about building a new home or looking for inspiration for a kitchen or bathroom renovation, click into the Spahn & Rose Summer Virtual Home Showcase for dozens of beautiful design ideas. These online home tours will give you a close look at outstanding craftsmanship and innovative aesthetics from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Find Ideas for Your Next Project or Renovation by Touring Virtual Homes

This winter is the time to plan your next home project—anything from simply repainting your dining room to finally updating your kitchen or adding much-needed cabinet storage in your bathroom. Well, heat up some cocoa and get snug and cozy in a flannel blanket, because you don’t have to leave your couch to view and compare contractors’ craftsmanship and building materials from Spahn & Rose. Just click into our Virtual Home Showcase.


Finish Jobs Faster with These 5 New Products

Time is money, especially on construction job sites. If there’s a better, more efficient way to finish a project, contractors and builders should know about it. Since its founding in 1904, Spahn & Rose has always shared the latest innovations in building materials and tools. Here are five new items that will help contractors and builders finish jobs more quickly and easily throughout this busy summer.


Five New Cabinet Products That Add Value to Your Home

When you’re making decisions about kitchen and bathroom design for a new home build or during a renovation, choosing cabinets with in-demand features will add value. When a prospective buyer sees that a kitchen and bathroom is already decked out with the latest cabinet design, that’s one less thing to worry about—and strong incentive to pay top price.