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Finish Jobs Faster with These 5 New Products

Time is money, especially on construction job sites. If there’s a better, more efficient way to finish a project, contractors and builders should know about it. Since its founding in 1904, Spahn & Rose has always shared the latest innovations in building materials and tools. Here are five new items that will help contractors and builders finish jobs more quickly and easily throughout this busy summer.


Five New Cabinet Products That Add Value to Your Home

When you’re making decisions about kitchen and bathroom design for a new home build or during a renovation, choosing cabinets with in-demand features will add value. When a prospective buyer sees that a kitchen and bathroom is already decked out with the latest cabinet design, that’s one less thing to worry about—and strong incentive to pay top price.


GAF Roofing: Peace of Mind for Homeowners; Rewards, Ease of Installation for Contractors

Organizing a major home renovation such as a new roof can be stressful. First, a homeowner must find a reliable roofing contractor. Spahn & Rose can help with its Find-A-Contractor service. Select “roofing” on the pull-down menu, enter your zip code and you’ll get a list of roofing contractors near you. Every professional listed in the Find-A-Contractor database has a longstanding relationship with Spahn & Rose. (more…)

Holy Shiplap!

ly Shiplap!  When you think of ship lap, what comes to mind?If you have seen any of the recent DIY shows lately like Rehab Addict, American Pickers or Fixer Upper, you have probably heard a lot about shiplap.

How to Choose the Right Roofing Material for Midwest Homes

The good thing about Midwest living: enjoying all four seasons. The bad thing about Midwest living: enduring all four seasons. Dramatic temperature shifts, winter ice, and summer heat and high winds mean choosing the right roofing material is essential for homeowners and contractors in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Increase Curb Appeal with Next Edge Door System

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. For a home, that first impression is the front exterior door. An elegant, functional, secure entryway can provide four to five times the amount of investment, according to the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association recent research. That first impression can affect the bottom line for builders and homeowners—a curb-appeal boost like this can add up to 7 percent to a home’s sale price, according to the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. (more…)