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Kirk Nystrom, Assistant General Manager of Spahn & Rose DeWitt, Receives July 2021 Above & Beyond Award

A year ago, Iowans in the DeWitt area were reeling from a double dose of disaster. In addition to contending with COVID-19, storms with more than 100-mph winds raged through the Clinton County town. As the area rebuilt, residents relied on Spahn & Rose to quickly provide building materials to protect their homes and businesses. And the DeWitt Spahn & Rose relied on Kirk Nystrom, its Assistant General Manager.


Libby Hansel, Assistant Millwork Manager, Receives June Above & Beyond Award

When customers or coworkers see Elizabeth “Libby” Hansel, Assistant Millwork Manager at Spahn & Rose in Dubuque, Iowa, she just about always has a highlighter in hand. For Hansel, the colorful marker is an indispensable tool that helps her keep track of small details—like precise measurements for door frames—and manage larger timelines and budgets, such as making sure that a large order of windows arrives when builders need it. (more…)

Metro Sales Rep Carmichael Receives January Above & Beyond Award

The daily ebb and flow of customers at Metro Building Products in Marietta, Georgia, means that sometimes there’s a rush of contractors and builders. Metro Inside Sales Representative Alan Carmichael knows that for those professionals, time is money—so he helps them get their building materials as quickly as possible.