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10 Ways to Save Time, Money with Spahn & Rose Commercial Building Services

Spahn & Rose Commercial Building Services—along with high-quality materials such as Lumber Specialties’ premade trusses, floor systems and wall panels—enable commercial contractors and builders to finish projects on time and within budget. Before your next commercial building project, stop by your nearest Spahn & Rose location or call for free estimates on high-quality materials.

Here are 10 reasons commercial builders and contractors should rely on Spahn & Rose for their next project:


2022 Inventory Schedule

Spahn & Rose Annual Inventory is as follows. Each location will be closed on the day of their inventory. Some locations will close the day, or part of the day before to prepare for their inventory day. See store for more details. (more…)

3 Sure Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

Your roof is the unsung hero of your home. As the primary shield against the Midwest’s harshest elements, a roof bears the brunt of snow, ice and freezing temperatures in winter. During the spring and summer, it endures blistering heat, rainstorms and high winds.


4 Reasons Contractors, Builders Rely on Rollex Siding

Siding is a home’s armor. As the years go by, weather, pests and decay do battle with a home’s exterior, but the strong protection Rollex siding provides lasts decades. Even better, Rollex siding is American-made in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Every Rollex product is fabricated and warehoused in its Illinois facility.

Contractors and builders have come to rely on Rollex’s quality, durability and versatility. Here are four reasons why. (more…)

4 Tips for Storing OSB on the Job Site

With the weather getting colder and wetter, protecting lumber on your job site is more important than ever. Preserving oriented strand board (OSB) means a better overall project—and you’ll save money and time by avoiding having to replace any damaged or wet wood. (more…)

5 Things Contractors, Builders Need to Know About the Lumber Market Right Now

Buying lumber the past couple of years has been a financial rollercoaster. Since the beginning of the pandemic, lumber futures have risen 359 percent, declined 68 percent, risen again by 159 percent and declined again 55 percent. For contractors and builders, this unpredictable pricing has made it difficult to accurately quote jobs and, sometimes, to have building materials delivered as quickly as in the past.


5 Ways ProWood Makes Building and Renovations Easier

A beautiful home starts with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time and defy tough weather. The ProWood line of building materials from Universal Forest Products offers the kind of outstanding production from the elements that pro contractors and builders have come to rely on. In fact, this September, ProWood was named a Top 100 Product by Pro Builder magazine.