Your New Team Member for Big Projects: Spahn & Rose Commercial Services

Large commercial building projects are complex and involve several layers of planning and approvals. With decades of staff experience, Spahn & Rose Commercial Services is nimble and knowledgeable enough to help commercial contractors and builders navigate every phase of construction.

Gordon Staley, Senior Regional Director of Sales, shares three reasons to choose Spahn & Rose Commercial Services for your next big project.

  1. IronworksDBQWide range of building materials for commercial projects

One of the top reasons builders and contractors work with Spahn & Rose is the convenience that comes from having a wide range of building materials available, including trusses, floor systems, wall panels, lumber, roofing and siding to decking, windows, fasteners and power tools. “Recently a commercial contractor and pre-construction estimator was discussing a project and said that one of the reasons he went with Spahn & Rose is that it allowed him to buy more but write fewer purchase orders,” Staley says. “Our vast product selection is a time saver for our commercial customers.”

  1. Partnership through every stage of project

From concept to completion Spahn & Rose is a valued partner that will provide top-notch service and support. “We know how important the design stage is,” Staley says. “As a client’s architect was creating the design and specifications for a recent project, we provided cabinet-door samples with the finish choices the client was trying to decide on.” Providing knowledgeable resources to assist in the design phase provides added value for our commercial partners.

  1. Nimble service for commercial projects of all sizes

In addition to large projects for schools and hospitals, Spahn & Rose Commercial Services helps businesses such as restaurants, too. “With 24 locations, we’re able to quickly get an order even as small as 10 two-by-fours on a truck and to a job site,” Staley says. “We work with all layers of the commercial building process, from initial planning with an architect to the final set of specs and building-material delivery to the job site.”