Is Upgrading your Kitchen Necessary?

Ahh yes, the kitchen! It is where everyone naturally gravitates to in your home. Whether you are having a party with friends over, or just living another day with the family. It is quite the phenomenon if you actually think about it.

So we know that everyone gathers in the kitchen, and maybe your kitchen is not as attention grabbing and memorable as it could be. Ohh, I should remodel my kitchen! Not only does it increase home value, but will be remembered by friends and family!

Yes, a kitchen remodel can increase home value, and you will have a kitchen that will be remembered. Think about this though. If you plan on moving out of your home in the future, let’s say within five years, is the kitchen going to be worth the cost?

Here are a few things to consider before you update your kitchen….

  1. So you know that within five years or so you are going to sell. You really want to update the kitchen because it will increase resale value. This is true yes, but that is within the home. Everyone talks about this thing called curb appeal… Is your home an inviting place when people drive by? Take this into careful consideration, because this is what brings buyers to your home when it is put on the market. We recommend that maybe you just invest in some new fancy furniture to spruce your kitchen up. Why not get a new glass dining table and 4 chairs? You could always take that to your new home!
  2. Is your roof leaking or damaged in any way? Buyers want to know that they don’t have to spend money on the basics of the home. The roof being one of the basic maintenance issues. If you get a new roof, you will be sure to get a majority of your money back when it comes time to sell.
  3. Siding is also huge and falls right in with curb appeal. If you have terrible siding that looks bad from years of wear and tear, this is one of the things you should put your money towards. It will increase curb appeal, and ultimately home value too because a buyer will not have to worry about spending their money on fixing the siding of your home.
  4. Another one that you should consider is the basement. From what I have observed, the basement is becoming more and more of a popular spot in the home. A lot of my friends and family have updated their basements to be the hangout spot. Whether they put a bar in down there, or have couches and TV’s to entertain. If you are not one of those people, you should make sure that your basement is clean and has no water leaks among other problems. Everything can be great in your house, but if your basement needs work, it can make a buyer shut down. So check to make sure all leaks are taken care of, and there is no musty smell like some basements tend to have.

Okay, now that we have gone through just a few of the basic maintenance issues, let’s say that you have all of these taken care of. Everything is up to date and there are no problems. You have a budget set aside for the kitchen. Go For It!

As I stated earlier, the kitchen tends to be the focal point of the home, and can ultimately increase home value. So if you want the home value to go up, and have a kitchen that people remember and love to spend time in, go for it. It really is an investment that you will make all of your money back on and then some.

So to answer the question, is upgrading your kitchen necessary? My answer is yes. But only after you have the basic maintenance of the home done and the budget to upgrade your kitchen.