Much like today’s super-utility baseball players who can play pretty much anywhere on the diamond, Greg Wink does just about everything at the Monticello, Iowa, Spahn & Rose location.

A delivery salesman, Wink starts most mornings in the lumberyard, ensuring that early deliveries are on trucks ready to go to job sites. Around 8 a.m., when contractors start rolling in, Wink helps load their trucks. He enjoys working at Spahn & Rose, he observes, because of this kind of one-on-one interaction with customers.

“Customers make the company,” he says. “It’s their money that pays me, and I want to keep them coming back. They appreciate honest advice and help, and that they don’t have to wander around a big store.”

Wink’s coworkers and supervisor say he’s a great asset to the Monticello Spahn & Rose team.

“Greg looks ahead and sees things that need to be done which may be overlooked otherwise,” says Dave Haag, general manager of the Monticello store, who nominated Wink for the Above & Beyond Award. “He’s always thinking about the next thing that needs to be done.”

Sometimes, forward thinking means helping customers who didn’t plan ahead or measure their car or truck before purchasing lumber. About four times over the past year, when customers tried to pack too much lumber in their vehicle, Wink thought fast and helped arrange deliveries to ensure they’d get what they bought.

“This is a small town, and to help customers, we don’t have specific job,” says Wink, who has been with Spahn & Rose for more than 11 years. “It’s more one-on-one with a customer.”

Haag lauds Wink for his customer service. Several contractors specifically request Wink when placing delivery orders. “When he delivers building materials at a job site, Greg will always ask where the material is needed and see if the builder has any special requests,” Haag says. “Greg is an ambassador for Spahn & Rose. He’s very friendly and knowledgeable about building materials.”

For his part, Wink appreciates how flexible and thoughtful Spahn & Rose was during a family emergency. In 2011, Wink’s son was in a coma after a car accident. “I missed a lot of time, and Spahn & Rose understood and was very accommodating,” he says. “I worked when I could, but it really meant a lot to me to be with my son.”

In his free time, Wink enjoys spending time with his family and going on hikes.

Employees who earn the Above & Beyond Award receive a plaque honoring their achievements and a $100 Spahn & Rose gift card.