Summer Home Improvement Projects Just Got Easier with Andersen, GAF and Trex from Spahn & Rose

Spahn & Rose makes it easier than ever to check off the chores on your summer home-improvement to-do list. Stop by one of the 23 Spahn & Rose locations near you, where our in-house experts can provide free estimates for summer projects such as window and roof replacement and building a new deck, pergola or other outdoor space.

Here are three ways Spahn & Rose can give your summer home-improvement projects a boost.

  1. Replace drafty windows, improve energy efficiency

By now, ideally, you’ve finished paying off those winter heating bills. But the recent Midwest heat wave has already affected your summer cooling costs. One solution for bills from both seasons is replacement windows from Andersen. Along with their built-in energy efficiency, stylish Andersen windows also increase your home’s value and improve its curb appeal. A Spahn & Rose window expert will help you choose the material and type of windows that are best for your home.

As a preferred Spahn & Rose vendor, Andersen offers high-quality yet affordable options, such as the 400 Series, which combines energy efficiency with low-maintenance good looks.

  1. Check roof shingles for damage and replace your roof if needed

You don’t typically think about your roof until something goes wrong, and the roof on most homes in the Midwest will last about 15 to 20 years. With dramatic temperature shifts and weather patterns in eastern Iowa, Northwest Illinois and Southwest Wisconsin, roofs endure plenty of wear and tear. Summer is ideal for roof replacement because heat helps shingles create a better weather-tight seal. On a bright sunny day, grab a pair of binoculars and examine your roof. Look for curled or cracked shingles. Also, if portions of shingles look bald, with missing granules, a new roof may be in your near future. Another sure sign that you might need a replacement: Your heating or cooling costs have recently spiked. An old, worn roof provides less protection from summer’s heat and winter’s chill.

As a preferred roofing vendor of Spahn & Rose, GAF offers an industry-leading guarantee with a variety of eye-catching colors and styles, such as its Timberline HDZ shingles. More homeowners in North America rely on Timberline HDZ than any other brand. These long-lasting shingles offer a unique combination of beauty, performance and reliability.

  1. Create a new outdoor space for family and friends

Adding a new deck or pergola will make your home feel larger and give you another space to enjoy the summer with loved ones. Building that new deck may be a lot easier than you think: Spahn & Rose decking experts will help you plan, measure and work with contractors to install new outdoor space.

Trex, a Spahn & Rose preferred vendor partner, provides a wide selection of decking colors and styles. One of the biggest advantages of Trex decking is its long life and low maintenance. Another benefit: You need not paint or stain it. Available in several colors and textures, Trex decking can easily match any home. To discover how a Trex deck would look with yours, visit this easy-to-use deck designer.