Spahn & Rose’s Contractor Toolbox Offers Resources, New Products

You’re a contractor on a job site in the middle of installing siding, and one of your crew has a question about furring strip spacing. On a phone or tablet, just call up the new Spahn & Rose Contractor Toolbox and you can access installation guides for many of the high-quality building products available from Spahn & Rose.

This new resource offers a wealth of information for contractors and is now available through the Spahn & Rose website. In addition, the Contractor Toolbox includes the recently updated Find-A-Contractor service, which connects homeowners to contractors and builders near Spahn & Rose locations.

SR SM August 2022 Contractor Toolbox screen grab“Spahn & Rose staff have always shared their expertise with contractors and builders,” says Jacque Arensdorf, Spahn & Rose’s Director of Marketing. “Through the online Contractor Toolbox, our contractor and builder customers will have 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week access to a one-stop-shop for an enormous number of resources such as new products, industry news and buying guides.”

Here are some of the features and resources available via the Contractor Toolbox:

Buying guides. Spahn & Rose offers a lumberyard full of quality products, and whether you’re an experienced contractor or new to the industry, our collection of online resources will be equally useful. Our knowledgeable staff have used their decades of experience to compile handy buying guides.

Installation guides. Easily accessible from a phone or tablet on the job site, these installation guides—both written and, in some cases, video as well—can quickly answer questions about the high-quality building materials available from Spahn & Rose.

Building codes. For contractors in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, the Spahn & Rose Contractor Toolbox offers links to building codes all in one place.

Builder tips. In addition to Spahn & Rose employees with decades of experience, go to to access a wealth of information, tips and ways to improve your operations. Our builder tips bring together dozens of articles about materials, installation and the business of being a builder or contractor.

New products. Spahn & Rose is the contractor’s source for new time-saving products from high-quality manufacturers. Check in frequently, as we constantly update information about new product releases.

SR SM August 2022 Contractor Toolbox homeowners contractor stock imageFind-A-Contractor. Over the decades, Spahn & Rose has been an invaluable resource for homeowners who are looking for contractors. Spahn & Rose’s unique relationship with contractors and homeowners led us to develop the Find-A-Contractor online directory, through which homeowners can search for contractors based on location and specialty. Reliable contractors can get their business listed and more easily connect to homeowners.

Design services. Spahn & Rose helps homeowners turn their dreams into reality. Think of our design services as an extremely useful extension of your business. The Contractor Toolbox enables you to connect to services including custom house plans, paint color matching, on-site estimating and custom cabinet design and consultations.

Industry news. There’s no need to sort through news sites to find the latest industry information relevant to your business. On the Contractor Toolbox page, you can quickly get links to up-to-date building and construction news.

WebTrack access. Sign on to your Spahn & Rose account to access invoices and other services though the WebTrack portal. The Contractor Toolbox includes a link to your account for easy access.