Spahn & Rose Sales Team Trains to Improve Customer Service, New Product Know-How

Your Spahn & Rose sales reps are constantly looking for ways to provide better, even more outstanding customer service.

The theme of a recent sales-team meeting in Dubuque, Iowa, was “Getting Your Mojo Back,” with the day-long event focusing on how to best serve customers after a year of contending with the COVID-19 pandemic.

IMG 4907“The last year has been extremely difficult, and as we turn the corner on resuming normalcy, we want to ensure the reps are charged up and prepared for the selling season,” says Steve Parisee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “There is no status quo, and we always need to be working on ways to improve. We all need to look inside ourselves and decide how we choose to come work and if we want to get better. We have a great company, made up of great people with terrific customers, and our business is strong. So let’s get our mojo going and be the best we can be for our customers.”

The sales representatives attended small-group breakout sessions, participating in hands-on training exercises and meeting with vendors to learn more about new products. For example, Spahn & Rose preferred vendor partners Mid-Am Building Supply and CertainTeed shared presentations about new product lines.

The reps also trained with Spahn & Rose information-technology specialists to learn how to more effectively use the BisTrack system.

A highlight of the event was a presentation from Lynne Jensen-Nelson, founder of Conversion-omics Speakers & Consultants, a Minneapolis-based firm that provides keynote speakers, workshop presenters and business-strategy services to clients nationwide. Specializing in construction, home improvement, retail, hospitality and financial services, Jensen-Nelson helps organizations improve their sales process and create exceptional customer experiences.

Also during the meeting, outstanding Spahn & Rose employees Richie Snyder and Egan Wilgenbusch received Directors Awards. The Directors Award recipients were selected by the Sales Directors and given to the sales representatives that exemplified what it means to be a top employee for Spahn and Rose. According to Steve Parisee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing,  “They delivered high levels of sales performance but more importantly acted as a role model for the organization.  They were team players and went above and beyond in their role. They were positive in their approach and always willing to help out a team member and were active in driving the team’s initiatives.”