Spahn & Rose Reinbeck Material Handler Roeding Receives Above & Beyond Award

When contractors or builders roll into the Spahn & Rose Reinbeck lumberyard, Material Handler Carl Roeding is ready. Or, even, a step ahead.

“Carl is our go-to guy for anything in the yard,” says Dan Mohlis, Spahn & Rose Reinbeck General Manager. “He knows the contractor customers really well. He has always been superior in handling our contractors’ needs!”

With more than two decades of experience helping Iowa contractors build homes, Roeding knows the each and every step involved in any kind of remodel or build. With this in-depth know-how and because Roeding constantly keeps in contact with contractors during their projects, he anticipates what materials will be needed next. For example, if a roofing contractor just installed trusses, Roeding will have the roof coverage products, such as shingles, ready to be picked up as soon as needed.

Because of this extremely proactive customer service, Roeding received the May Above & Beyond Award, a company-wide, monthly recognition for outstanding employees.

“My motto is full-steam ahead!” Roeding says. “If a contractor or builder needs something to keep working, I’m there. I’ll make deliveries at 8 at night, and I’ve made several deliveries on Sundays. Full-steam ahead!”

For Roeding, full-steam ahead is the only way he knows. In March 2020, he decided to take a break as lumberyard manager and was scheduled to return part time in May. But on a mid-April evening, he was walking near the Reinbeck Spahn & Rose location and noticed lumberyard employees working late. He went home, changed clothes and returned to help. The next day, he returned to full-time work.

Roeding dove back into his job as a Material Handler the only way he knew how: Full-steam ahead. Another telling example of this hard-driving attitude is when Roeding makes deliveries. He will send a mass text message to other contractor customers and mentions where he’ll be. “It’s incredible how much time we’ve been able to save with this,” he says. “I’m able to bring materials to the sites, keeping the builders and contractors working.”

Roeding also enjoys sharing his decades of knowledge with co-workers, especially younger ones new to the building material and construction industry. But he says the most rewarding part of his job is seeing the completed projects.

“Spahn & Rose is there for the whole house build,” Roeding says. “We help builders with everything from the basement to finishing and being able to turn the front door key. It’s unbelievably rewarding to be able to help someone build their dream home.”

Roeding and other recipients of the monthly Above & Beyond Award receive a $100 Visa gift card and are eligible to be named the company’s Employee of the Year, an honor that includes a $1,000 prize.

Spahn & Rose employees can be nominated for the monthly Above & Beyond Award by coworkers, supervisors and customers. When a customer submits a review, any employees mentioned are nominated for the honor. Customers can also nominate employees for Above & Beyond through Spahn & Rose’s social-media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

When Roeding isn’t busy being one step ahead of contractors, he enjoys spending time with his family and attending Christian concerts. He and his wife also enjoy visiting wineries, and he plans on putting some more miles on his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.