Spahn & Rose Pro Plus Contractors, Builders Cheer the Hawkeyes during Exclusive Tailgate

Builders and contractors in the Pro Plus Program put on their black and gold during the Spahn & Rose Tailgate at the Iowa Hawkeyes game on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Contractors and builders in the Spahn & Rose Pro Plus Program were invited to the exclusive Hawkeye Tailgate at Kinnick Stadium. During the pre-game festivities, contractors and builders in the Pro Plus Program enjoyed loads of delicious food and plenty of drinks. Invitees also received complimentary gifts when they arrived at the stadium.

IMG 8256At the Hawkeye Tailgate, more than 500 contractors and builders mixed and mingled with Spahn & Rose employees and management along with vendors and other local construction professionals. Previous Spahn & Rose Hawkeye Tailgates have had more than 700 attendees. And this year, excitement around the Iowa Hawkeyes has been building. The team is ranked in the top 10 in the nation and known for having one of the best defense of any college team.

Adding to the game day excitement: The Hawkeyes will played Big Ten rival Purdue.

“This is our biggest event of the year and after the past year and a half, we enjoyed seeing our customers and vendors in person,” says Jacque Arensdorf, Spahn & Rose Marketing Director. “This event is just one reason for contractors and builders in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin to sign up for the Pro Plus Program.”

The exclusive invite to the Iowa Hawkeye Tailgate is just one of many benefits of being in the Spahn & Rose Pro Plus Program. These other benefits include:

  • Discounts on building material purchases
  • 24/7 access to account, including invoices and statements
  • Dedicated outside sale representative
  • Construction plan service and estimating
  • Free, fast jobsite delivery
  • E-newsletters with new products information and deep discounts
  • Cool S&R wearable merchandise
  • Monthly promotional postcards with exclusive deals
  • Listing in the online Spahn & Rose Find-A-Contractor directory

Several of the Pro Plus Program features, such as access to account information, is available through the WebTrack app available at through the Apple Store or Google Play and the Spahn & Rose website.

To find out how to participate in the Pro Plus Program, visit your local Spahn & Rose or contact us online.