New siding greatly enhances the curb appeal of your home while also protecting your investment from the elements. For decades, Spahn & Rose has been a leader of siding sales in Eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin. With high-quality siding brands such as CertainTeed and Diamond Kote, Spahn & Rose also has expert staff to help you buy the best siding for your home.

Take a walk through these three, easy steps for buying siding:

  • #1 Determine best siding material for you

Spahn & Rose offers a wide selection of materials that will match your style and budget, including:

Vinyl – Vinyl siding combines durability and low cost with a large variety of color and texture options. In addition, vinyl siding can be easily installed over most existing surfaces. Vinyl siding can also mimic natural surfaces such as wood or stone without the expense. Because vinyl siding doesn’t require painting or caulking, it’s low-maintenance. Vinyl siding can usually be cleaned by spraying it  with a garden hose.

Fiber cement– A mixture of wood fibers, sand and cement, fiber cement siding has the look and feel of natural wood siding but offers several benefits. For example, fiber cement is less expensive than natural wood but is tough and durable as cement. Fiber cement siding can be pre-painted before installation, saving time and money. Fiber cement siding is easy to maintain, only needing water, a mild detergent and a soft-bristle brush for cleaning.

Metal– Metal siding can give your home a unique appeal while offering steadfast security from weather extremes such as frost, wind, rain and heat. In addition, metal siding eliminates the concern of siding damage from insects and is more resistant to fire than some other materials. Metal siding can also be recycled. Metal siding can last 40 years or more with minimal maintenance and can be cleaned with non-abrasive detergent and a soft-bristled brush.

Brick– Along with a classic, beautiful look, brick siding can last for as long as the house. With brick siding, there’s no need to paint or maintain the exterior like other types of siding. Brick siding also offers fire protection and insulates from heat and cold. Brick siding is typically more expensive than other types of siding, and while it may last a long time without maintenance, it may be costly to repair.

  • #2 Select a high-quality siding manufacturer

Spahn & Rose works with several high-quality siding manufacturers including CertainTeed and Diamond Kote. Each of these manufacturers provides siding with many features and benefits.

Diamond Kote, for example, offers a 5/50 Siding System Warranty along with a 30-Year No Fade Warranty. Diamond Kote has recently added new colors and RigidStackTM siding, which resists impact and is 375% stronger than standard lap siding.

CertainTeed offers 40 fade-resistant color choices and many siding products with lifetime limited warranties. CertainTeed’s STUDfinder™ system allows for easy, precision installation.

  • #3 Use Spahn & Rose Siding Estimate Service

With the expertise of Spahn & Rose staff, you can receive an accurate estimate for your siding project. You can take advantage of the Spahn & Rose siding estimate service either in one of the Spahn & Rose locations or a Spahn & Rose estimating expert can visit on-site.

The estimating process is quick and Spahn & Rose siding experts make sure estimates are accurate, enabling fast completion of siding projects.