Spahn & Rose Improves Customer Service with Epicor BisTrack

To streamline and update its computer systems, Spahn & Rose recently completed installation and implementation of Epicor BisTrack software. 

All 23 Spahn & Rose locations were updated with this top-of-the-line software, which will enable Spahn & Rose employees to provide customers with faster, more efficient service. 

The Epicor BisTrack system will more effectively coordinate deliveries, ensuring that the right material is delivered to the correct job site on time. It’s common for a single Spahn & Rose store to make up to 50 deliveries daily—and on a typical day, a Spahn & Rose truck travels 200 miles and makes several deliveries. 

BisTrack optimizes truck and driver time to boost efficiency and minimize errors. The new system will enable Spahn & Rose to generate real-time delivery information to provide accurate arrival estimates. 

“Spahn & Rose is a leading lumber distributor in the Midwest because we continue to innovate and make changes that help our customers,” says Spahn & Rose CEO Dave Davis. “Our previous system had been in place for 14 years, and we implemented BisTrack to help us take customer service to the next level.”