Spahn & Rose Donates $1,500 to Iowa Firefighters Association Convention

To support the Iowa Firefighters Association Convention in Waverly, Iowa, this September, Spahn & Rose has donated $1,500 to the organization. Garry Kolbet, general manager of the Spahn & Rose lumberyard in Waverly, requested the donation.

“We want to show our appreciation to local and state firefighters,” Kolbet says. “Having their convention in our community is a big plus.”

The convention will be September 5–9, with events held throughout Waverly, about 15 miles north of Cedar Falls.

The Iowa Firefighters Association comprises more than 15,000 volunteer and professional firefighters throughout the Hawkeye State. The organization promotes firefighter training and safety, and provides resources to improve firefighting capabilities. First held in 1878, the Iowa Firefighters Association Convention is a chance for members to gather, network and share information while also enjoying activities such as bowling and golfing.

Staging such an event for thousands of firefighters, many of whom are volunteers, costs money, however. Cue Spahn & Rose’s $1,500 donation, which will be used for materials to construct event venues.

In addition to the money, Spahn & Rose donated 300 water bottles to be given out during the convention.

Aside from bowling and golf, convention events include a parade, fair, craft show and live entertainment. The Waverly Volunteer Fire Department is hosting several convention events.

“We know how hard our volunteer firefighters in Waverly work,” Kolbet says. “I’m very grateful that Spahn & Rose supports this worthwhile cause.”