Chances are your kitchen needs help—and you don’t even know it. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about renovating your kitchen but aren’t sure where to start. A Spahn & Rose design expert can improve your kitchen in lots of surprising ways.

Whether you’re building a new house, completely renovating an old kitchen or just want to replace your cabinets, a Spahn & Rose cabinet-design expert near you can show you how to make your kitchen more useful. With a Spahn & Rose makeover, your kitchen will offer plenty of space for meal prep, be more efficient and safer for cooking—and look amazing as well.

Here are 10 ways a Spahn & Rose cabinet-design expert can transform your kitchen:

Upgrade durability 

To make your kitchen much more useful, stick with top-tier cabinetry from Spahn & Rose vendor partners Dura Supreme Cabinetry and Mid Continent Cabinetry. Spahn & Rose offers the highest-quality cabinetry in Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin. “A lot of people are surprised by the samples we have in the store and by the upgraded cabinet features,” says Jesse Pagel, Cabinet Designer at Spahn & Rose’s Waverly, Iowa, location. “Customers have the choice of solid wood, heavy-duty cabinets that are more reliable.”

Roll in more space 

To create more countertop space for one customer, Pagel designed an island on rollers. When not in use in the kitchen, the island can be moved into the dining room and used as a buffet table. Pagel has also found innovative ways to make the most of a given area by designing features such as drawers that can pull out and double as workspace.

Smooth workflow 

Spahn & Rose cabinet-design experts will visit your home to measure and assess the kitchen layout. They’ll also delve into how you use your space, and give you options that merge design with function. For example, if you want a walk-in pantry, perhaps you need fewer cabinets. Other considerations include how far you’ll move food from prep area to stovetop, and which direction cabinet and appliance doors open. “I was a physical therapist, and whenever I look at remodels, I look at functionality because of my therapy background,” says Dawn Tiesman, Cabinet Designer at Spahn & Rose in DeWitt, Iowa. “I always look for how you can maneuver around the kitchen.”

Incorporate specialty cabinets 

With decades of experience and a multitude of options, Spahn & Rose cabinet experts can craft designs that make any kitchen easier to use. Cabinets can be shallow, for example, and therefore provide needed storage without taking up too much space. Customizations can also include modifications to lazy susans, which increase storage in awkward spaces.

Rethink storage 

Instead of the traditional pots and pans in cabinets, Tiesman designs some kitchens with drawers for storage. Another solution: cabinets with electrical outlets and two doors that open like a garage. That way, you can leave appliances plugged in and simply pull them out to use, then slide them back in when you’re done. A toaster can be on a pullout tray with an outlet behind it.

Add function-specific features 

Two features Tiesman finds most valuable for making better use of space and improving functionality are pullout garbage-can cabinets and dividers for tray storage. She looks for ways to use a kitchen’s small, skinny spaces for added storage. Above the refrigerator is often a good spot for tray storage.

Double up utensil storage 

One of the handiest drawers suggested by Maria Burgmeier, Cabinet Designer at Spahn & Rose in Dubuque, Iowa, is a two-level utensil drawer with a slider on top. Silverware goes on top; spatulas and other larger utensils get tucked underneath. In a smaller space, cabinets need to work harder, and the more features such cabinets offer, the better you’re able to use the area you have.

Enhance lighting 

Another design aspect Spahn & Rose experts evaluate is lighting. Under-cabinet lighting, for instance, is one of the small things that will make a big difference in how you use your kitchen. Designers can also add direct-task lighting, which can be unobtrusive and complement the pendant lighting often installed in kitchens.

Ensure electrical aligns with use 

If a kitchen design includes a peninsula or island, the Spahn & Rose designer will help determine how you’ll use that area and incorporate appropriate outlets—which are often handy at the end of a peninsula, for example—and lighting.

Match kitchen style to home style 

“Every kitchen is personal,” Pagel says. “We’ve never done a generic kitchen.” A designer will always take colors, textures and hardware into consideration. With a Spahn & Rose design, your new kitchen is sure to complement the rest of your home.