Each day at the 24 Spahn & Rose lumberyards throughout Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, the lumber gets culled. Employees with decades of experience sort through the in-stock lumber and remove any boards that don’t meet the highest quality standards.

“One of the reasons we sell the best lumber to contractors and builders is because any that’s twisted, bowed, cracked, too knotty, the yard guys will cull it,” says Mark Less, Outside Sales Representative at the  Spahn & Rose Dubuque location. “A lot of days it’s just a couple boards, but because we do this every day, we keep our quality high.”

Such standards, Less says, mean contractors and builders don’t have to take time away from the job site to return unusable wood. They can also be sure that Spahn & Rose lumber is both sturdy and safe. “Higher-quality lumber helps prevent drywall from popping out,” says Bernie Reiff, a Spahn & Rose Product Buyer. “You get better quality from Spahn & Rose, which means you bring better quality to your customers.”

It all begins with Spahn & Rose professionals like Reiff, who has three decades of lumber-buying experience. “We constantly evaluate and look at past performance of mills to verify that they’re sending lumber that’s within the grade we’re buying,” he says. “When mills don’t meet expectations, we switch to ensure we’re still providing our customers with the best lumber.” An essential part of this process is constant feedback from all two dozen Spahn & Rose lumberyards, he adds.

The High-Quality Choice for Builders and Contractors

Every day, Spahn & Rose offers a vast selection of high-quality lumber available for immediate pickup or delivery.

“We’re working with lumber mills to get the right product and the right product mix,” Reiff says. “When we buy, we stick with the premium grades.”

Much of what Spahn & Rose stocks is “select structural” lumber, or No. 1 grade, which typically boasts fewer defects. Knots are permissible, but only if they’re tight and well-spaced. Spahn & Rose also keeps a large, ready stock of No. 2 lumber, the most common grade for framing.

“We carry more products and sizes and have the ability to handle large jobs,” Less says. “We have a lot of material on the ground ready to be delivered. Compared to a lot of places, especially big boxes, we simply offer better quality and service.” He adds, “A lot of customers who build very high-end homes buy their lumber here for a reason. We have the quality, product selection and expertise in the lumberyard.”

S&R Delivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Spahn & Rose’s long-term relationship with several mills means steady delivery of lumber to our lumberyards.

To help keep your project on time, Spahn & Rose offers free lumber delivery with no minimum order to qualified builders and contractors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Spahn & Rose has implemented new building-material and delivery procedures to help ensure your safety and that of our employees.

New lumber-delivery procedures include:

* No employees enter homes or job sites. Previously, Spahn & Rose staffers would deliver building materials just about anywhere. Now, to reduce potential contact, they’ll no longer get quite so close.

* Curbside drop-off. Building materials will be placed at the edge of a job site or on a driveway.

* No signature required. For either pick-up orders or deliveries, customers no longer need to sign.