Anytime, day or night, any day of the week, Spahn & Rose’s WebTrack app enables contractors and builders to access invoices, review previous orders and make payments. New app features include delivery-tracking notifications and the ability to pay bills with a credit card.

Contractors and builders who have an existing Spahn & Rose account can sign up to use the WebTrack app. The app is connected to Spahn & Rose’s online WebTrack portal; hundreds of contractors and builders in eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin have already begun to use it.

“The app has been quite a lifesaver for builders and contractors,” says Tonya Sullivan, a Software Trainer at Spahn & Rose’s General Office. “Tracking deliveries is a new feature, and you can see proof of delivery.” Other app attributes include:

Searchable purchase history. Builders and contractors can search by invoice, by product description or within a specific time frame to view previous purchases and review exactly how much they’ve spent on certain products or jobs.

Easily confirmable warranty info. WebTrack makes finding proof-of-purchase information for warranties a snap. “The app will show when you purchased a product, quantities and date,” Sullivan says. “All the information you need as part of any warranty claim.”

Real-time updates. The Spahn & Rose app is constantly updated. If you have a question about a delivery that’s just been dropped off at a job site, you can check the app to confirm the details as soon as the transaction has been invoiced.

Account-balance reviews. Check your balance, recent payments and invoices—an especially useful feature during tax season, when you need to review all the amounts you’ve spent on building materials. WebTrack also lets you easily print or email account information, as well as export invoices and credit notes to QuickBooks.

Delivery notifications. The most recent addition to the WebTrack app. These pop-up notifications will inform contractors and builders the exact time a delivery is dropped off.

Proof of delivery. When Spahn & Rose delivery drivers unload building materials, they take a photograph at the job site and upload it to the WebTrack app, so you can see when and where deliveries were made.

Easy payments. Via WebTrack, you can make secure ACH check payments. Contractors and builders can also now use a credit card to make payments through the app.

Available for iPhone and Android devices, the free app is quick and easy to download and install.