Roelofs Earns Above & Beyond Award for Attention to Detail, Outstanding Customer Service

Details of a project, down to the last nut and bolt, matter to Brent Roelofs, an Inside Sales Rep at the Cresco, Iowa, Spahn & Rose location.

“Every day, Brent brings a good attitude, a sense of humor and thoroughness to his job,” says Cresco General Manager Jacob Fouts. “He’s really good at helping customers at the counter and figuring out what they want. When he helps a customer, he figures out everything they need, right down to any tools needed for the job and to the very last fastener.”


Recently, a customer thanked Roelofs with this message: “I have been an occasional customer of Spahn & Rose in Cresco over the years and recently returned for a garage building project. Brent was very helpful to me in recommending appropriate fasteners that might make my project go faster and be better built. I appreciate help and quality advice that allows me to continue to do good work. Brent was also helpful in pointing me toward some really useful Milwaukee tools. I am a great supporter of buying locally and certainly now a supporter of Brent, Jacob and the crew at Spahn & Rose Cresco!”

Roelofs has been a Spahn & Rose employee since December 2019, and enthusiastically shares his do-it-yourself building and repair know-how. He goes the extra mile to help customers, sometimes making rush deliveries. Recently, he drove three rolls of felt paper to a job site so roofers could finish their project. And if contractors need some end-of-the-day emergency purchases, Roelofs will sometimes stay at the store to help.

“When a customer comes in, I try to really listen to what they’re trying to do,” Roelofs says. “I don’t try to sell them something they don’t need. I’m all about keeping the customer happy, and that will keep them coming back.”

As the recipient of the November 2020 Above & Beyond Award, Roelofs receives a $100 Visa gift card and is eligible for the Employee of the Year Award, an honor that includes a $1,000 prize.

“Even though Spahn & Rose is fairly large, it’s a hometown store, and you know the customers coming in every day,” Roelofs says. “Spahn & Rose is a quality company with how they treat you.”

Spahn & Rose employees can be nominated for the monthly Above & Beyond Award by coworkers, supervisors and customers. When a customer submits a review, any employees mentioned are nominated for the honor. Customers can also nominate employees for Above & Beyond through Spahn & Rose’s social-media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In his downtime, Roelofs raises and breeds his half-dozen quarter horses. This spring he’s looking forward to the birth of a couple of colts, and riding trails with friends on horseback.