You can safely, quickly and accurately redesign your kitchen and bathroom using Spahn & Rose’s online cabinet-design service.

Homeowners in eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin are increasingly turning to online cabinet consultations when planning kitchen or bathroom renovations. Spahn & Rose cabinet designers have already scheduled dozens of these consultations, helping homeowners and contractors with layouts and orders. Here’s how you can take advantage of this Spahn & Rose service:

The Spahn & Rose Online Cabinet Design Process

Cabinet design itself usually takes about three to six weeks, and overall remodeling—from planning to completion—can vary depending on the scope of the project. Beth Stafford, Spahn & Rose Regional Cabinet Designer based in the Dubuque location, outlines the process, which begins with a visit to the Spahn & Rose website.

Beth Stafford, Regional Cabinet Designer

Schedule appointment online: Using the Spahn & Rose online cabinet consultation scheduling tool, making an appointment is quick and easy. On the Spahn & Rose website, when you click on a designer near you, available appointment times will pop up. After you schedule an appointment, the designer will confirm the time.

Initial phone call: The first consultation is a phone call, generally about 30 to 45 minutes, during which you and the designer outline the project budget and time frame, and discuss the desired style and function of your cabinetry.

Designer creates layout: Based on the initial consultation, the Spahn & Rose cabinet designer will develop a layout that reflects your kitchen or bathroom cabinet needs. During this process, your designer may put together a virtual style board to help you visualize different materials. Once you narrow down your selections to one or two colors, the designer will mail samples to you or arrange for you to pick them up from a Spahn & Rose cabinet showroom.

Revisions and approval: One to three revisions typically follow the presentation of the initial cabinet design. Your designer will seek your input about the design and then make modifications. Once you approve the final version, the cabinets can be ordered. Your Spahn & Rose designer will email you a file with your final design.

What to Prepare Before the Consultation

To help speed the process, Stafford recommends that you share inspiration photos that convey your style or what you’d like your new kitchen or bathroom cabinets to look like. Also, prepare a sketch—or, at the very least, the approximate dimensions—of the space you’re looking to remodel. If it has any unusual features, be sure to share that with your designer at that time.

Set your budget range and estimated completion date before the consultation. Cabinets are one piece of the puzzle when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. Other expenses may include tearing down walls, moving flooring and heating and air-conditioning vents, and adding or moving wiring or plumbing.

“It’s very important to consult a contractor to know what your project will entail before jumping into the more fun parts of planning, such as choosing colors and flooring,” Stafford says.

If you don’t already have specific ideas about cabinet style or kitchen layout, Stafford suggests perusing Pinterest or Houzz to gather inspiration. Also, consider which accessories and convenience items, such as a slide-out trash can and pot hangers, would best complement your kitchen makeover.

“I encourage clients to talk to friends and family who have completed a similar project and ask what went smoothly and what they would do differently,” Stafford recommends. “Considering the pandemic, this [online] tool offers a safer alternative to meeting in person—and is just as efficient and convenient in the early planning phases.”