If you’re looking to create a home-exterior design with impact but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at some of the popular trends Spahn & Rose has spotted throughout 2019. From siding that enhances protection to bold color schemes, the homes and spaces that follow are examples of successful exterior design.

Here’s what we loved about home-exterior design styles this year and expect to see more of in the years ahead.

Blending Textures for a Top-Notch Look


Using different materials to protect a home’s exterior can help make any design pop.

This contemporary house features durable PVC-composite siding in a Wrought Iron shade paired with cream-colored stone to give the outside of the home a more dynamic look. The friendly, bright red of the front door, too, offers curb appeal that truly stands out.

The exterior design here showcases how high-performing materials can look sleek and still add impact, right where the outside of your house needs it most.

Pergolas That Offer Plenty of Style

Homeowners spend a lot more time indoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend as much as 90 percent of their time inside their homes.

Designers and homeowners can expand a home’s living space by creating beautiful, enjoyable outdoor spaces. That’s why you’ll see more home-exterior design ideas incorporate outdoor living spaces with pieces such as fire pits and pergolas. The goal is to make the space comfortable and enjoyable year-round.

Homeowners can also give their space a unique look by putting a twist on traditional pieces, such as the impressively-designed pergola featured above. Instead of four columns supporting the top, it has just two, with longer support arms that angle back toward the home.

You can enhance your outdoor living space with elements that function in several ways. The pergola here offers welcome shade during sunny days, and stands on its own as a work of art.

Bold + Contrasting Colors

“This year, the overall exterior color scheme is trending darker, in siding and stone,” according to Gayler Design Build, a California-based design firm named by Remodeling Magazine as a Top 50 national design company. If you’re worried that such a look might be a little  too grim, use darker accents in the exterior trim, then pair them with a lighter shade of siding as shown in the exterior-home design above.

Gayler Design Build also notes that the theme for this year’s home-exterior remodel trends is “classy contrast.” DIYers can handle some remodeling projects on their own, and working with distributors like Spahn & Rose will enable homeowners and contractors to find all the building materials they need to get the look they’re after in house siding, exterior paint, exterior doors and more.

Not Just a Patio

“Climbing the charts as one of the hottest home exterior remodeling trends this year is bringing your indoor lifestyle outdoors,” according to Gayler Design Build’s experts. The appeal of outdoor living is on the rise, and we’re seeing examples of gorgeous spaces just about everywhere.

“The back patio has become far more than just a stretch of concrete with a grill and some fold-up chairs,” explain experts at Gayler Design Build. This home in Norway uses stunning angles and beautifully crafted wood to enhance its unique back-porch space. The thoughtful window design makes a big impact and ensures that all visitors can access the area’s outdoor beauty.

PRO TIP: Homeowners should take note of the maintenance required for any exterior materials they choose. Wood siding, for example, can require additional upkeep and will need to be repainted or refinished every few years.

Modern Farmhouse Style

“The modern farmhouse look has proven itself to be more than just a fast fad,” writes Brick and Batten. This trend is more popular than ever, especially with the rise of home-improvement television and social media sites like Pinterest, where contemporary farmhouse styles are featured heavily.

“This classic look is a nod to the past that celebrates America’s heritage,” according to Brick and Batten, an exterior virtual design company. Homeowners can update the look by using a contrasting color palette, and including an ample number of glass windows in the design will greatly increase natural light.

Sustainable Protection for Homes of Any Size

“Sure, the trappings of modern life are lovely, but what if you’re tired of all the work and money required to maintain a regular home?” asks Digital Trends.

The past decade has witnessed a surge of sustainable building, and tiny homes are becoming more popular because of the eco-friendly solutions they offer.

“More people are shrinking their footprint and moving into tiny houses that manage to provide all the comforts of home, despite being a few hundred square feet or less,” Digital Trends writes.

Environmental responsibility isn’t just a passing trend: Choosing products and materials that encourage sustainability is now standard in the construction industry. International and local building requirements have been made more stringent in an effort to make home construction more efficient, especially when it comes to conserving natural resources.

Equipping Your Exterior With Materials That Make a Difference

For decades, Spahn & Rose has supplied homeowners and contractors with supplies and building materials to enhance the exteriors of homes in eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin.  Whether you need sustainable materials for your summer cabin or a front exterior design that will impress your guests, Spahn & Rose has solutions to get you the look you want.

Not sure where to start? Get some guidance on choosing materials for your home-exterior design here.