New! Door Buying Made Easy with the Spahn & Rose Door Buying Guide

Doors are a home’s unheralded heroes. Exterior doors are often the first thing a visitor (or prospective homebuyer) sees; they also provide security from the elements. Interior doors complement a home’s style as they separate (and save) space and offer privacy.

Several decisions go into choosing the best interior and exterior doors. You’ll need to select a door style, material and hardware. To help contractors, builders and homeowners choose correctly, experts from Spahn & Rose have compiled a comprehensive Door Buying Guide.

2 multiple doors 600x400 1This guide explains the difference between slab doors and pre-hung doors and offers pros and cons for each. For example, pre-hung doors include their own frames, hinges and jambs, and are ideal for new construction projects because they’re easy to install. Slab doors may be better for renovations when updating a home’s style.

The Spahn & Rose Door Buying Guide explains each part of the door and its function, including additional accessories to enhance security or appearance. It also features photos that show examples of interior and exterior door styles, colors and hardware available from your nearest Spahn & Rose location.

The guide details the benefits (and potential downsides) of different door materials, including wood, fiberglass, vinyl and steel. Vinyl, for example, is ideal for interior doors because it’s lightweight and easy to maintain. It offers a range of other benefits, too: It’s moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant, and vinyl doors are great for interiors with limited space.

If you’re considering whether to replace your doors, the Buying Guide includes three signs that you should. Sign No. 1: the presence of a draft, which can increase your heating and cooling costs. (See the guide for the other two.)

Contractors can share the Door Buying Guide with homeowners when helping select a door for a renovation or new build. It also offers maintenance tips and detailed answers to frequently asked questions, such as how much door installation typically costs and how much time it requires.

Door buying is easier with the online Spahn & Rose Door Buying Guide and a consultation with the building materials experts at your nearest Spahn & Rose location. For more information, call or simply stop by.