Adding a deck is like hitting a home run with runners on base—a good thing for a number of reasons. For a reasonable cost, a new deck will create an enjoyable outdoor living space and increase the value of your home—and can be finished quickly enough to let you enjoy it while the weather is still warm. It’s the ideal shelter-in-place project.

“Now is a great time to do a deck,” says Jeffrey Jerdee, an Inside Lumber Salesman at Spahn & Rose’s Dunn Lumber location in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. “Decks are more and more popular, especially now when people are stuck at home.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how Spahn & Rose does business, but we’re still able to serve our customers by providing touch-free pickup and delivery, assisting homeowners who would like to install a new deck. With a little know-how, it’s possible to build a deck yourself—but if you need to hire a contractor, the workers will be outside, leaving everyone in your home safe and properly socially distanced.

Most deck projects are quite affordable. The typical kitchen or bath remodel, for example, costs roughly $100 per square foot; a new deck will usually run only about $20 per square foot (including installation, should you hire a contractor).

“With a new deck, you get a lot of bang for your buck,” Jerdee says. “You’ll expand your living space, be able to enjoy the outdoors and add value to your home.”

From start to finish, it’s possible to design a deck, order the materials and have it ready for a barbecue within two weeks. The process starts with a call to your nearest Spahn & Rose location, whose decking experts can guide you through the process of design, material selection and ordering.

A Spahn & Rose deck expert such as Dunn Lumber’s Jerdee will first help you determine the size of the deck and create a CAD drawing for your approval, usually within a couple of days. He can also help you decide between wood and composite decking and whether you want lighting and railings. While this CAD drawing isn’t an architectural rendering, it’s often all most building inspectors require before construction can start.

To help pick the right color for your deck, you can take home samples of decking material to see how they would look next to your home.

Once you make these choices, the Spahn & Rose deck expert will create an estimate for the building materials. If you need a contractor to build your deck, Spahn & Rose’s Find-A-Contractor service can help. Once the materials are ordered, they’ll generally arrive at the job site within two to three days. For most contractors, a typical deck will take about a week to finish, Jerdee says.