New Assortments Appeal to Homeowners, Help Contractors

Step into any Spahn & Rose store, especially the Dubuque location, and you’ll likely notice a few changes: new displays, additional assortments and even entirely new product lines, such as Benjamin Moore paint. 

While Spahn & Rose offers contractors the highest-grade lumber at excellent prices, we give all our customers much more besides. Spahn & Rose stores constantly strive to provide homeowners and contractors with new, innovative, high-quality products—hand and power tools, for example, and an enormous variety of building materials. 

Spahn & Rose embraces change because the lumber-and-hardware industry continually advances. In the past, for example, roofers managed with handheld hammers. Now nail guns are a must-have for contractors. Manufacturers roll out new products at a dizzying pace, and Spahn & Rose displays only the best of them for the benefit of all our customers. 

Not only does Spahn & Rose provide the best tools for your job, we also have the highest-quality premium building materials, such as cabinets. New Spahn & Rose cabinet displays enable homeowners to select the ideal cabinets to suit their kitchens and baths. With a large selection at a range of prices, Spahn & Rose experts make buying, measuring and designing cabinets easy for homeowners and contractors alike. 

Spahn & Rose has also recently added lighting and plumbing product lines—new displays that make Spahn & Rose your one-stop shop for new home builds and renovations. All these items, tended to by Spahn & Rose’s knowledgeable in-house experts, make customers’ decision making all the easier. Keep your eye out for updates to Spahn & Rose showrooms. Is there a particular product you’d like to see? Let us know!