These Mobile Apps Can Help you Save Time!

Ahh yes, technology! Such a wonderful thing. Well, maybe not for all of us, but it does make things easier and can be quite useful. In this case, we are talking about different apps that make working on the jobsite easier, and get rid of all that messy paperwork that seems to be needed in every transaction and phase of a project.

So stick with me, I’m only going to go over three, but they are definitely apps that may make your life a little easier on the jobsite. That is something that we all want, right? I’ll keep this post short for you all, but hopefully it’s helpful!


This app covers all of the construction process that needs to be done. Whether you need to make daily logs, mark up different aspects of your project, communicate to sub-contractors or your main guys, you can do it. The best part, it is all done through your phone. Which makes things incredibly easy. Another cool aspect is that you can upload the blueprints to the application, and annotate the mark ups that I spoke of earlier directly into them. Making it easy to find them and know where they are and what they are. Pretty cool huh? This is just a snap shot of what this app has to offer. The app is really cool and has a lot of useful features that will make your time on the jobsite efficient.


Real time communication, and not such a focus on the overall construction plan, this is the app for you. It boils down to the communication focus and is in real time. One of the cool things is that you can snap a photo of something that needs to be fixed, cleaned up, or moved in real time, and someone will get the notification and come do it. You can even set a time period of the task needs to be completed by. You can customize notifications so you only receive updates or news on what you want to know is going on at the site that day. You get emails of detailed reports from logs from the day. It really is a great way to communicate between employees and subs to make things efficient. Also, you can upload blueprints to the app and make notes for different areas. Just like the app above.


With this app, you can fully customize it yourself. That is really cool. You can drag different things that you would need, for example, mobile payment, image capture, signatures and many more different things. So it really isn’t a stand-alone app, but rather a mix of different ones all on one platform that lets you get the job done efficiently. This allows you to almost completely get rid of paperwork. Which makes it way more efficient and will ultimately save you money in the end. So you are able to solve problems like lost paperwork, horrendous handwriting, and administrative costs. Did I mention by doing this you will also build better customer relationship management because you are more efficient and creating more time? Yes, that is an outcome of this, which helps your business even more.

I think that being more efficient on the jobsite is becoming more and more important. People want things faster and faster and we have to keep up with their demands. I am also personally a fan of finding apps or software that makes things more efficient and easy. Although I have not used any of these apps, they seem to be the ones that will help you become more efficient, and make more money. Which I forgot to mention that benefit, but you figured that out already. I know there will be some who do not trust in this and will not give it a shot, and that’s okay. Just remember, when it comes down to it, being efficient will ultimately help you succeed.