Make Your Deck an Oasis: 6 Patio and Deck Ideas for Comfort, Convenience and Privacy

Sometimes your deck is where you invite a throng of family and friends for a cookout as your favorite music fills the air. More often, though, your deck is a quiet refuge—a place of comfort, convenience and privacy. These six tips will help make yours an even more personal haven for sunning, reading or taking a nap.

  1. SR SM June 2022 Blog Deck OasisGo Green-ery

Big containers holding tall plants with full leaves can do double duty by adding an unobtrusive privacy screen while enhancing the natural environment around your deck. Some plants to consider: skyrocket junipers, dwarf Monterey cypress and arborvitae; bamboo is another stylish option.

  1. Install an Attractive Privacy Fence

A wood fence will add curb appeal and boost privacy. The best woods for fences include Western red cedar, Douglas fir, pressure-treated and redwood. The Spahn & Rose Metro Building Products location in Marietta, Georgia, has several varieties of wood fencing, including cedar, Western red cedar and Southern yellow pine. Midwest Spahn & Rose locations also offer a wide selection of the best fencing materials.

  1. SR SM June 2022 Blog Patio Trex cozy deckTailor the Design to Your Home

Your deck design should complement your home’s style and work with its structure to naturally create privacy. Schedule an estimate and consult with a Spahn & Rose deck design expert to ensure that your custom deck takes advantage of natural land features and your home’s layout to maximize deck space, privacy and comfort.

  1. Add Some Structure, Such as a Pergola

Giving you privacy while still providing a view, a pergola is a stylish patio or deck addition, enabling you to block certain views or shield yourself from the sun with canvas shades. Pergolas can be made from wood or vinyl and attach to your home or be a stand-alone structure. Another option for privacy with a pergola: Add a trellis to one side and use vining plants to cover the lattice.

  1. SR SM June 2022 Blog Patio Oasis Fiberon deckPlan Lighting and Shade

When designing your patio oasis, think about lighting for both day and night. Using umbrellas or shade from pergolas, retractable awnings or arbors will help make your outdoor space more livable during the daytime. And having enough lighting in the evening will make your patio or deck more inviting. Porch lights from your house can provide ambient lighting, but for grills and prep areas, you’ll need work lighting. Dimmable lighting in gathering areas will make the deck cozier for quiet times.

  1. Match Form and Function to Patio Areas

The various parts of your patio or deck serve different needs. The area around your grill requires different furniture, covering and accessories than the nook where you like relaxing and reading. Along with common areas for friends and family to gather, design smaller spaces to nap and read. Add outdoor pillows for comfort when lounging. Personalize your patio with a color scheme that reflects the style of your home.