Look Good Inside and Out with Marvin Windows

For contractors planning new home builds or homeowners looking to replace worn-out windows and save money on heating, Spahn & Rose offers a complete line of Marvin windows. Available in a number of styles and a variety of functions, Marvin windows make a beautiful addition to any home.

Combining aesthetics with functionality and durability, Marvin windows are preferred by contractors for new construction and remodels alike. They’re a great choice for replacement windows, too—high-quality, stylish and economical. Low-maintenance and energy-efficient, today’s Marvin products are the culmination of four generations of window design.

When you order Marvin windows from Spahn & Rose, each is made to your home’s exact specifications, one at a time. Marvin offers extensive customization, exclusive innovations and high-performance energy-efficiency options. They’ll look good—and your energy bill will look even better.

Replacing your current windows with ones from Marvin can help you reduce energy costs by boosting efficiency. Marvin tailors all its windows to the prevailing climate to achieve the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation.

How best to determine whether it might be time for new windows? Run a hand around the edges of your current ones to check for drafts. Look to see if their color is fading, or the window material is warping. Marvin can easily match existing windows in any style; it specializes in replicating unique sizes and historic trim details, too.

Marvin window replacements can also improve a home’s airflow and increase the amount of natural light that comes into a room.

For more information about Marvin windows, visit a Spahn & Rose location near you.