Recently, at the International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Marvin unveiled two innovative new products that will brighten any home with splashes of sunlight and make the living space feel much larger.

As one of the leading window and building-material suppliers in the Midwest, Spahn & Rose will make Marvin available to contractors, builders and homeowners in eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin by the middle of the year.

Marvin Skycove is a fully constructed, pre-engineered glass pop-out structure designed to expand interior space and provide panoramic views. The Marvin Awaken Skylight offers automated ventilation and enables you to shed light on a room from above at the push of a button.

Both products were developed in Marvin’s Design Lab, the result of extensive research incorporating expertise and insights from contractors, builders, homeowners, even sleep researchers. The Skycove was so striking that House Beautiful deemed it one of the Best of IBS 2020.

For professional contractors and builders, Marvin will also launch a virtual-reality experience to show how the Skycove and Awaken Skylight can be incorporated into a home’s design.

The Skycove is the first product of its kind to be introduced in the U.S. In addition to opening up a room and permitting much more light flow, the Skycove encompasses between 16 and 20 square feet, with space for seating. The cantilevered structure creates wide, open sightlines—larger than traditional bay windows, it enables you to see above as well.

The flexible design has a clean aesthetic, and the bench can be finished to match any home style. The Skycove has a steel structure and an exterior constructed with high-density fiberglass and low E3 dual or optional triple-pane glass.

For contractors and builders, the Skycove is easy to install and arrives at the job site fully assembled, with no additional pieces or parts required.

Marvin likewise brings more light to homeowners, contractors and builders with the Awaken Skylight. This automated, customizable fixture makes it easier to access light, air and outstanding views.

Homeowners can operate the Awaken Skylight through a wall switch, the Marvin app, voice control or smart-home system. One of the largest skylights on the market, Awaken can be up to 48 inches wide and 90 inches tall, offering flexible design within those dimensions.

Awaken has soft, tunable LED lights that mimic soft daylight glow after sundown. The smart venting system regulates temperature and air quality automatically, with intelligent rain and environmental sensors that determine the best times to open and close.

The Awaken Skylight can also be loaded with optional features, such as supplemental lighting and shading, as well as curb or deck mounting.

For more information on Marvin’s Skycove and Awaken Skylight, visit a Spahn & Rose location near you.