Libby Hansel, Assistant Millwork Manager, Receives June Above & Beyond Award

When customers or coworkers see Elizabeth “Libby” Hansel, Assistant Millwork Manager at Spahn & Rose in Dubuque, Iowa, she just about always has a highlighter in hand. For Hansel, the colorful marker is an indispensable tool that helps her keep track of small details—like precise measurements for door frames—and manage larger timelines and budgets, such as making sure that a large order of windows arrives when builders need it.

One especially satisfied customer recently shared this compliment about working with Hansel on a door project: “I wanted to tell you about the excellent customer service we received from Libby Hansel in your Dubuque yard. We contacted Libby in your millwork office regarding replacing our interior doors. Libby came out to measure the doors, then came back out to re-measure because we needed to have the doors beveled so they would close properly. Libby also recommended a two-panel style that was modern and fit the flow of our home. When we had an issue with one of our doors, Libby responded with a solution that was a win-win for everyone. Our doors look great, and Spahn & Rose has an excellent employee in Libby Hansel.”

072021LibbyThat glowing comment led to Hansel being honored with the June Above & Beyond Award, a monthly recognition for outstanding Spahn & Rose employees.

“Libby combines skill sets of great attention to detail along with knowing building products and processes,” says John Cook, General Manager of the Dubuque Spahn & Rose. “She’s proactive in her approach and really good at communicating with homeowners and contractors. She’s always willing to help customers, contractors and coworkers and has a positive attitude that never goes away.”

Hansel began working at Spahn & Rose in May 2017. Her favorite aspects of the job, she says, are working with customers, going to job sites to take measurements and walking homeowners through the decisions they need to make when selecting windows and doors.

“She understands the best practices for customer service, approach and follow-through,” Cook says. “One of her greatest strengths is being able to lead customers through the process of purchasing windows, doors and trim. There’s a lot of information to sort though, and Libby makes it easier for both homeowner and contractor customers.”

Especially over the past year, when predicting building timelines has been chaotic because of supply chain disruptions, Hansel has made sure to stay in frequent contact with customers to provide updates about when their materials are likely to arrive.

“Right now, dealing with building-material timelines is tricky,” Hansel says. “You have to know the building process and work closely with homeowners and contractors to coordinate when products will arrive. I always want to make sure the details are correct. The last thing I want is for something to throw off someone’s timeline.”

Hansel and other recipients of the monthly Above & Beyond Award receive a $100 Visa gift card and are eligible to be named the company’s Employee of the Year, an honor that includes a $1,000 prize.

Spahn & Rose employees can be nominated for the monthly Above & Beyond Award by coworkers, supervisors and customers. When a customer submits a review, any employees mentioned are nominated for the honor. Customers can also nominate employees for Above & Beyond through Spahn & Rose’s social-media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

When she’s not using her highlighter to help customers manage details of a renovation or building project, Hansel enjoys scouring flea markets for objects to clean, paint and repurpose. She also enjoys flower arranging and camping.