With summer coming to an end and the weather beginning to turn, many homeowners are looking for ways to protect their home from fall and winter weather. There are many practical upgrades available, from improving insulation to installing new storm doors.

The good news is that being practical doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetics. The era of utilitarian storm doors to keep your house warm and dry are long gone. Today’s storm door designs offer the protection homeowners need, with modern designs that don’t detract from the overall look of the house.

Spahn & Rose partners with leading suppliers to offer modern storm doors that are not only functional but appealing as well. One of our favorite storm door suppliers is Larson. In business for more than 60 years, Larson is the largest storm door manufacturer in the United States.

Over the decades, Larson has made a name for itself for quality and innovation. Larson treats a storm door as a key component of a home’s design and security, not just a way to keep wind and rain out, Larson has established itself as an industry leader.

Some of our favorite Larson innovations include:

  • EasyHang installation. Larson doors come with a complete rail system that makes installing them on the existing doorframe a cinch.
  • Click&Hold with Built-In Closer. This newest feature tucks the closer away above the storm door, instead of leaving an unsightly piston closer out in the open. The Click&Hold mechanism keeps the storm door open for easy in and out, but closes again with a gentle pull.
  • ScreenAway Door. No more stiff, corroded clips to raise and lower the screen. The ScreenAway Door rolls the screen up into the storm door when it’s not in use. It’s then easy to slide down using just one hand.
  • Keyed lock. Larson latches are available with a keyed lock and deadbolt, to improve home security.
  • KeepSafe glass. This storm door glass has been repeatedly tested and is impact resistant. It helps to keep the home safe, even when the main exterior door is left open.

Larson stands by its products, offering a limited lifetime warranty for its heavy-duty aluminum door.

It’s simple to install a Larson storm door with the EasyHang installation process. Larson’s website is full of helpful how-to videos, and the basics of door installation are as follows:

Easy Steps for Installing a Larson Storm Door

Note: These instructions for installation of  Larson’s standard storm door with the new Click&Hold with Built-In Closer. For tips on installing other Larson closers, visit

Step 1. Prepare your Storm Door Hardware

Before you begin, verify that the house’s door trim is securely attached and square. You need a mounting surface one inch wide by one inch deep to mount your new storm door.

Larson doors come with a complete set of storm door hardware. Make sure you have all parts are before starting the installation.

Step 2. Secure the Glass

Remove the expander and lock body from the edge of the door. Remove the four yellow plastic shipping clips. Slide them to the center of the opening and push them toward the middle of the glass, slightly bowing the screen. Remove the clips and the screen, leaving the glass in place.

Secure the glass by inserting the retainer into the track on the inside edge of the door. Start at the top and work your way down, applying pressure as you go. Repeat on the opposite side of the door.

Step 3. Prepare the Frame

Place the screw template tight against the hinge side of the doorframe and slide it to the top. Hold the template in place and install the hinge screw through the hole in the template. Leave approximately an eighth of an inch of the screw exposed.

Step 4. Install the Hinge Rail and Door

Slide the rail extender marked with an L into the bottom of the hinge rail. Hang the door on the screw you just installed, then tighten the screw while pushing the top of the hinge rail tight against your door frame. Install a screw in the bottom hole of the hinge rail. Slide the rail extender down to the sill. Install screws into the remaining holes on the inner side of the hinge rail.

Close the door, push it tight against the hinge side of your doorframe, and install screws into each hole on the outer side of the hinge rail. Cut the extender weather stripping to length. Peel off the backing and apply.


Step 5. Install the Drip Cap

Insert the assembled hold open clip and slider pad into the track of the top drip cap with the arrows pointing toward the hinges. Place the drip cap at the top of your door frame and align the end with the outside of the hinge rail. Close the door. Adjust the drip cap so you have an even reveal and the door makes contact with the weatherstripping.

Step 6. Install the Latch Rail

Slide the rail extender marked with an R into the bottom of the latch rail. Place the latch rail on the side of your door frame and slide it up tight against the drip cap. Slide the rail extender down to the sill. Align the outside edge of the latch rail with the edge of the drip cap.

Verify that the door operates freely. Fasten the latch rail to your door frame using the provided screws. Cut the extender or weatherstripping to length. Peel off the backing and apply.

Step 7. Install QuickFit Hardware

QuickFit Hardware and strike plates are packaged and sold separately from your Larson storm door. Install following the instructions in the package, depending on your design.

Step 8. Install the Bottom Expander

Install the bottom expander with the holes on the inside surface of the storm door. Slide the expander down until the rubber sweep lightly touches your threshold and secure with screws.

Step 9. Mount the Closer Arm

Mount the closer arm to the top of the closer with the L facing up. Secure the closer arm in place with the closer bolt and tighten with the provided Allen wrench.

Hold the closer with one hand and rotate the closer arm 90 degrees. Install the installation pin into the hole on the closer and release the closer arm.

Install the closer into the pocket at the top of the door. Align the pre-installed screws with the holes in the top of the door and tighten.

Close the door slowly to align the hole in the end of the closer arm to the slider pad. Install the slider bolt through the closer arm and into the slider pad.

Open the door to your desired hold open position, usually around 90 degrees, and tighten the set screw in the hold open clip. Remove the installation pin from the top of the closer and close the door. Adjust the closer speed on top of the closer using a flat head screwdriver.

Step 10. Apply Screw Cover Strips

Snap the screw cover strips into the mounting rails by installing the outer side first. Start at one end and slide your finger along the strip while pressing down. And with that, your new storm door is installed. You now have a beautiful and safe storm door to let in more natural light and highlight the outdoors.

For more information on new innovations in storm doors, or to find the right one for your next project, visit Spahn & Rose.