Even during the pandemic, you can “travel” miles to discover ideas for your next home-renovation project from the safety and comfort of your couch by stepping into more than a dozen homes during the first-ever Spahn & Rose Virtual Home Showcase, which begins October 1.


These homes are in Iowa towns close to you such as Dubuque, DeWitt, Knoxville and Charlotte, with renovations and new builds by local contractors using products available from your nearest Spahn & Rose.

The Spahn & Rose Virtual Home Showcase enables you to view both the inside and outside of the houses: You can see how Spahn & Rose’s cabinets create stylish, functional kitchens, and envision the way CertainTeed siding and roofing complements any home’s design.

Using cutting-edge 3D technology, the Virtual Home Showcase allows you to tour these stylish Midwest homes at your own pace, examining their design elements from just about any angle. While virtually touring them, you’ll also be able to access additional information about everything from countertops to cabinets, siding to shingles.

“One of the best things about the Virtual Home Showcase is that you’re not watching a video,” says Spahn & Rose Marketing Director Jacque Arensdorf. “You can stop, take notes, zoom in and take your time.”

The live Spahn & Rose Virtual Home Showcase will run from October 1 through October 14, with several different houses featured. Customers will then be able to access the Virtual Home Showcase through the Spahn & Rose website during the event. There will also be photos from the Virtual Home Showcase on the Spahn & Rose Project Gallery after the event. 

Even better, you don’t need to download an app or any special software. Simply use your internet browser to access the showcase site, then navigate through each home at your leisure. While you tour, you can click on a variety of links for more information about products or the contractors who did the work. You can also connect with Spahn & Rose kitchen and bathroom cabinet designers to get started on your dream makeover.

Another advantage of the Spahn & Rose Virtual Home Showcase is the ability to see and assess the craftsmanship of local contractors, including the following:

Amos Custom Homes; Cedar Ridge; Donnie Roling, Ingleby Construction; Jamie Holmes, Matt Rellihan Construction; Procore LLC; Thompson Builders; and Viking Roofing.