GAF Roofing: Peace of Mind for Homeowners; Rewards, Ease of Installation for Contractors

Organizing a major home renovation such as a new roof can be stressful. First, a homeowner must find a reliable roofing contractor. Spahn & Rose can help with its Find-A-Contractor service. Select “roofing” on the pull-down menu, enter your zip code and you’ll get a list of roofing contractors near you. Every professional listed in the Find-A-Contractor database has a longstanding relationship with Spahn & Rose.

SR SM Sept 22 hero gaf hdz strikezone scaledHomeowners getting a new roof installed will need to choose their preferred shingle type as well. At the Spahn & Rose in Decorah, Iowa, many homeowners have recently opted for GAF shingles. There are several reasons homeowners, contractors and builders choose GAF shingles and roofing accessories, according to Eli Swift, General Manager of the Decorah Spahn & Rose:

Homeowners seek strong, long warranties

Installing a roof is an investment, and homeowners are looking for long-term reliability and steady value. When high-quality GAF products such as Timberline HDZ Shingles are installed by a GAF Certified or Master Elite roofing contractor, they can be eligible for a lifetime warranty. “One thing that has really attracted homeowners is the GAF System Plus warranty,” Swift says. “GAF gives the homeowner extra value, and with warranties potentially transferable, GAF shingles are a selling point for those looking to sell down the line.”

Recent weather trends make impact-resistant shingles appealing

Tough Midwest weather demands tough roofing materials, roof deck protection and ventilation. In hail-prone areas, GAF’s Timberline AS II Shingles provide Class 4 impact resistance, the highest level. In addition, Timberline HDZ Shingles qualify for a wind warranty with no maximum wind-speed limitation. “Some customers install GAF shingles that deflect hail,” Swift says. “Demand for impact-resistant shingles has increased as well. Homeowners value that kind of protection.”

Installation is quicker and easier for contractors and builders

Using GAF’s proprietary StrikeZone nailing area, an innovation that increases both speed and accuracy, roofers can finish the job faster. According to GAF research, StrikeZone provides 99.9 percent nailing accuracy and increases nail fastening by about 30 percent. “This wider nailing area is more contractor-friendly,” Swift says. “GAF Timberline HDZ shingles’ ease of installation is a big benefit.” In addition, GAF has multiple manufacturing facilities—so its supply chain is adaptable, enabling GAF to provide shingles whenever contractors need them.

GAF’s rewards program benefits contractors and builders

GAF doesn’t just stand behind its products with industry-leading warranties; it also has a robust rewards program for contractors and builders. When contractors purchase qualifying GAF products, they can earn up to 2.5 percent back. The reward level depends on whether contractors are GAF Master Elite, GAF Certified or non-factory-certified. “When contractors and builders sell GAF products to homeowners, they know they’ll have tremendous value,” Swift says. “Homeowners will protect their investment, and contractors will know they’re participating in a valuable rewards system.”