Easily Mix & Match Color Schemes with Metal Sales Color Visualizer 

Deciding on roofing colors just got much easier with Metal Sales Color Visualizer tool.

This online tool for contractors and homeowners allows you to select type of building—including agricultural, light commercial, or residential—and compare the vast number of roof and exterior wall colors available from Metal Sales.

With the tool, contractors can instantly show customers how a building will look with Metal Sales products such as metal roofs.

As a Spahn & Rose ag steel vendor partner, Metal Sales delivers products to help build faster, better and more economical agricultural buildings, including barns, stables, agricultural production facilities, storage facilities along with other light commercial structures.

If you’re considering an ag steel building or using Metal Sales products, Spahn & Rose is ready with expert designers and an estimating service.

Unlike shingles, Metal Sales metal roofing and wall systems don’t warp, split or crack and are resistant to mildew, rot, termites or other pests. Also, Metal Sales ag steel can withstand severe weather, is energy efficient, provides exceptional durability and is low maintenance.

Founded in 1963, Metal Sales has decades of experience quickly delivering orders of custom-cut and ready-to-install metal roofing and siding panels. Operating 21 manufacturing facilities in 17 states with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, Metal Sales roof and wall products are everywhere from soaring architectural masterpieces in cities to homes and barns on farms nationwide.

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