With LARSON’s line of innovative products, you can have it all—refreshing breezes, panoramic views and security. As part of Spahn & Rose’s LARSON Spring Sale, which runs through May 26, the more LARSON storm doors, windows and screen solutions you buy, the more you save. Here’s how the sale works:

Spend this much on storm doors, windows or screen solutions           Receive a rebate for

Up to $200                                                                                             $10

$201 to $499                                                                                          $20

$500–$1,000                                                                                          $50

$1,001+                                                                                                  $100

Rebates need to be postmarked by June 30 and are available for any of the best-selling LARSON products throughout the 24 Spahn & Rose locations. One of LARSON’s most popular items is the storm door with the built-in Screen Away feature. With a one-touch adjustment, the screen is stored in a hidden cassette at the top of the door, enabling you easily to slide down the screen while also sliding away the glass for your desired ventilation. Reverse the process for a full-window-glass storm door.

LARSON offers extensive support to contractors and homebuilders for installation and product questions. Durably constructed, these stylish doors can also improve a home’s energy efficiency. For keeping air conditioning in or cold out, LARSON storm doors are designed with additional weather stripping ideal for harsh weather: The harder the wind blows, the tighter the seal. LARSON backs up its products with a lifetime warranty on aluminum frames and a one-year warranty on components such as hardware and hinges.

LARSON storm doors can vary based on customers’ needs. For example, LARSON heavy-duty storm doors are nearly two inches thick and feature commercial door closers.

“LARSON is a longstanding company that’s one of the biggest storm-door manufacturers out there,” says Libby Hansel, Assistant Millwork Manager at the Spahn & Rose Dubuque location. “But they’re not just a storm door or window company. They’re coming out with new products all the time and adding features, staying new and relevant.”

Contractors who work with Spahn & Rose, for example, can inform their clients about innovative new LARSON products such as Scenix porch windows, which allow fresh air to circulate while offering sweeping panoramic views.

Available in several attractive colors, LARSON doors come with a maintenance-free, baked-on enamel finish. Built-in hardware comes in multiple finishes as well, with the protection of a keyed lock and deadbolt. From heavy-duty screen doors to patio windows, contractors, builders and homeowners can view LARSON products in all Spahn & Rose locations, currently by appointment only. And the Scenix porch windows can be seen only in the Dubuque store.