Contractors: Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Winter with Spahn & Rose

The hammers are a little quieter when there’s snow on the ground and a deep chill in the air. But although the weather might temporarily stall your job site, the downtime can be an opportunity to plan, evaluate and revamp your contracting, renovation and building business. With the help of Spahn & Rose, you can then step into spring in full stride.These months can be a blessing: Away from the intense daily hustle of juggling workers’ schedules and meeting clients’ needs, winter enables you to strategize, and a wealth of resources from Spahn & Rose makes it easy. Here are three ways you can spend this season improving your operations.

1. Go Digital—It’s Simple with Spahn & Rose
With Spahn & Rose, contractors, builders and homeowners have access to an extensive suite of free digital tools that offer product visualization, estimates and accurate measurements. All you need to do to take advantage of these valuable services is sign up with your Spahn & Rose salesperson. The time-saving digital tools include:

Visualizer Using existing home photos or samples available on Spahn & Rose’s website, you can quickly and easily swap in roofing, doors, siding, cabinets, paint, trim and more to see how they’ll look. Because Spahn & Rose partners with high-quality building-material manufacturers, we have access to a vast selection of products to make any customer’s dream home a reality.

Design services Get accurate aerial measurements and 3D home models along with roof-square reports. With assistance from Spahn & Rose design experts, your clients will have a better idea of how their completed project will look. Personalized customer support will help you tailor designs to your customers’ specific needs. Even better: Orders are typically sent to contractors and builders within three business days.

Online cabinetry consulatation To help customers cope with the pandemic, Spahn & Rose developed an easy-to-use online system that helps homeowners design and lay out cabinet orders. Contractors can also connect online with a Spahn & Rose cabinet designer to review ideas and discuss styles and project goals. When your clients are ready for a renovation—or a kitchen and bathroom in a new-home build—you’ll be ready. In addition to cabinet layouts, Spahn & Rose’s design service offers accurate measurements, a materials review, color determinations and fixtures.


2. Plan with Dedicated Spahn & Rose Sales Staff
Contractors and builders with an active Spahn & Rose account can rely on their personal sales rep during winter to help gather information and build a plan for the spring busy season. Your sales rep can review your past year’s account charges and look for ways you can optimize your materials purchasing.

In addition, as part of your account review, your sales rep can ensure that you’re listed on the Spahn & Rose Contractor Directory. The directory, available to contractors and builders with an active Spahn & Rose account, makes it easier for homeowners in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin to find reliable contractors and builders. Homeowners can search by Zip code; listings include your company’s name, location and telephone number.

3. Review and Replace Equipment
Probably the worst time to find out you need new equipment is when things are getting busy. That means taking time away from the job site to shop for new tools and other items. Instead, test your equipment during the winter months, and review the year just past to see which of it performed up to expectations and what might need an upgrade.

One good way to evaluate your equipment is to compare the manufacturer’s return-on-investment numbers with your actual results. These numbers can help you identify companies that make quality tools of great durability and value. Your Spahn & Rose in-store staff can help evaluate your tool needs and suggest options for maintenance or replacement.