Contractors Can Create a Business Facebook Page in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

Contractors and builders in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin have a packed summer ahead. Chances are you’re still catching up from the unpredictably busy 2020 and haven’t had time to plan any sort of online marketing effort.

070621 Facebook for Contractors Image“It’s just a reality that the sign on the side of your truck isn’t enough,” says Jacque Arensdorf, Marketing Director for Spahn & Rose, who has managed Facebook business pages for more than a decade. “Not only does your renovating or building business need to reach more customers, but you also need to be able to showcase your work and be seen as a trusted contractor. For every customer now, that research happens online.”

The good news is that creating and maintaining a Facebook business page is easier and less time-consuming than you might think. Here are five steps Arensdorf recommends for contractors and builders who need to beef up their presence online.

  1. Register for a Facebook Business Page

The initial setup of a Facebook page is fairly straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Before you get started, it will help to have a few things ready, such as photos and a description of your company.

  • If you already have a personal Facebook account, you can create a business account:
  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • On the right-hand side of the blue toolbar, click the “Create” button.
  • Select “Create New Page” from the menu.
  • Choose a page category, such as construction.
  1. Add Attractive Images

Images, such as the primary photo that will stretch across the top of the page and the logo in the circular space to the lower left, will draw the attention of potential customers. Here are a few tips for posting the best shots:

  • Add images such as your business logo, storefront and examples of projects you’ve recently completed.
  • These pictures should be as high-quality as you have, but today’s advanced cellphone technology means that most photos will look good as long as they’re on the highest-quality setting.
  • Photos should be well-lit and not blurry. When taking pictures, brace yourself against a stable object to prevent movement, which can result in image blurriness.
  • Include pictures of yourself and your team members. Potential customers will feel a deeper connection when they can see people in your photos.
  1. Include Additional Business Details

Along with the initial business description, find the “About” button and be sure to fill out all fields, including hours, contact information and other services or specialties. Be as thorough as possible—it’ll help your Facebook page rank higher in Google searches, which may be a customer’s first exposure to your company.

  1. 070621Facebook2 Add a Button to Your Page

A button at the upper right of your business page, below the cover photo, is a call to action for those looking to hire you—a way for potential customers to reach out that also makes it easy to generate leads. To add this button, click the blue “+ Add a Button” option on the left-hand side of your page. Facebook enables you to select different types of buttons, including Book with You, Contact You, Learn More, Shop or Download. Select the one that best suits your business.

  1. Keep Connecting to New Leads

As part of the process of signing up for a Facebook business page, you’ll be given the option to add apps, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, for greater connectivity. You’ll also be prompted to invite friends to like your new business page. Through this initial setup, you’ll establish an audience; by following up with additional photos of completed projects and participating in relevant groups that your potential customers visit, you’ll increase your chances of getting new leads, too.