For just about any kind of project—from a complete, ground-up home build to adding a deck or renovating a kitchen with new cabinets—Spahn & Rose offers contractors, builders and homeowners a complete, free suite of digital tools to visualize, estimate and accurately measure.

To take advantages of these valuable services, contractors, builders and homeowners need to sign up through a Spahn & Rose salesperson, who will submit the order on the customers’ behalf. Before you begin your next project, check out these five valuable, time-saving digital tools available to Spahn & Rose contractors, builders and homeowners.

Dream Home Visualizer


To see how a home would look with new roofing, doors, siding, cabinets, paint or trim, just upload a photo of it (or use a sample photo available on the site), then quickly and easily mix and match styles, colors and textures. Spahn & Rose has partnerships with a number of high-quality building-material partners to help you make your dream home a reality.

With the online Visualizer, you can create an account to save your project and share it with customers, friends and family via email or social media. It’s free to use the Visualizer and takes only a few minutes to swap colors, styles and building materials for any kind of change to a home. Been thinking it’s time for a new door? With just a few clicks, you can see what it’ll look like.

Design Services

With Spahn & Rose Design Services, contractors and builders can develop accurate aerial measurements, interactive 3D models and roof square reports. Using an image of a home, the Spahn & Rose Design Services team creates interactive depictions that can be readily plugged into our online Visualizer. These expertly prepared images are highly detailed, accounting for shadows, vegetation, neighboring houses and lighting. Your customers will get a better sense of the kind of quality you can deliver when you incorporate these images into your estimates.

When you use Spahn & Rose Design Services, you receive personalized customer support to help tailor the project to your specifications. With full-property measurement options, you’ll receive an interactive 3D model of the property, including walls and openings. Typically, Design Services orders are sent to contractors and builders within three business days.

Accurate Roof Measurement

Spahn & Rose’s Design Services include an accurate roof-measurement tool, saving time and eliminating the need to climb on a roof to use complicated measurement apps to get the necessary information. A Spahn & Rose roof-measurement report includes details that make it easy for you to plan and estimate your project, including measurements on slope, rake, squares, valleys, ridges and more.

Roof-measurement reports come with an interactive 3D model of the property so you can view measurements from all angles and switch to the three-dimensional design view to visualize what the house would look like with different types of roofing materials and colors.

Also available free from Spahn & Rose is an accurate roof square report, which can, within just a few hours, make estimates and projects move along faster. For more information about a free roof square report, contact your nearest Spahn & Rose.

Online Cabinetry Design

Homeowners in eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin have long turned to online cabinet consultations when planning kitchen and bathroom renovations. In recent months, Spahn & Rose cabinet designers have consulted with dozens of clients online, helping design layouts and placing cabinet orders. Contractors and builders can use this convenient service to quickly create plans and make decisions—via Zoom discussions if desired—regarding cabinet and hardware styles.

The process includes three steps: consultation, during which you review ideas and discuss style and project goals; design, in which Spahn & Rose cabinet-design experts review materials, colors, fixtures and measurements, and match kitchen and bathroom cabinet layouts to the available space; and review, where the client finalizes the design and product selection. A detailed plan is then generated for contractors and builders to follow.

Contractor Directory

To generate more leads, sign up for Spahn & Rose’s online Find-A-Contractor directory, which makes it easy for homeowners in eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin to find contractors to install roofing, siding, cabinets and decking, renovate kitchens and bathrooms or build a new home altogether. Find-A-Contractor quickly links contractors and builders to customers who are actively looking to begin projects.

Homeowners planning a project can visit the Find-A-Contractor webpage and enter their Zip code to find contractors and builders nearby; listings include a phone number and links to websites and Facebook pages. Contractors and builders who have an active Spahn & Rose account are eligible to be listed on Find-A-Contractor; hundreds have already taken advantage of this free service. For more information about being listed in the Find-A-Contractor directory, contact your local Spahn & Rose location.