Contractors in eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois and southwest Wisconsin can complete projects on time and within budget by working the right building materials supplier. Spahn & Rose understands how to support contractors by providing high-quality building materials and many, many other services so you can buy easier and build better. After all, contractors looking to stay ahead in the construction business know efficiency is key.

From in-house accounts to free estimating and training programs, Spahn & Rose can be your building materials supplier and biggest business partner, offering the support you need to get your projects done more successfully and more profitably.

Spahn & Rose can play a huge role in the success of your projects (and your business), so when you’re choosing who to work with, look for the following services.


Training Programs and Networking Events

Builders and contractors keep up with the latest construction trends and use the most efficient products to stay ahead of the competition, but it can be difficult to find hands-on training for building material installation, how to use the latest industry technology or even local know-how about running your business more profitably.

Spahn & Rose offers this kind of support, whether you’re remodeling an entire home or installing a new deck. Every Spahn & Rose location offers product showcases and training programs that can help you grow knowledge and find products to increase efficiency. If your supplier doesn’t offer training programs, it might be time to look for one who does.

Spahn & Rose also offers networking events so you can meet with others in the industry. Recently, the Dubuque Spahn & Rose location hosted the Builder Brew for more than 100 local contractors and builders. Spahn & Rose also hosts contractor-only events, training sessions and open houses to meet other professionals with the same interests and goals as you. These events help you stay up-to-date on both industry and local news, and make connections that can help you grow your business.

Quick Communication and New Products

Does your building materials supplier offer early access to new products they’re offering? Or let you know when new products or technologies are available that could help your business? Spahn & Rose frequently hosts product demonstrations and events for contractors.

As a leading building materials supplier in the Midwest, Spahn & Rose keeps your best interests top of mind. Spahn & Rose is where you can build a relationship and receive up-to-date product information about new products.

When you work with a supplier that offers a “sneak peek” at innovative new building materials, you’re able to give your clients more options that could solve pain points they currently have or provide an extra benefit that has them telling all their friends about how great a builder you are.

For sneak peeks or innovative products, your supplier needs to be large enough to have access to a wide variety of brands, like Spahn & Rose. With Spahn & Rose’s long-standing relationships with manufacturers, our customers can receive prompt customer service, bulk discounts and early access to demos.

And to get all of this great information and benefits, your supplier should have a good communication plan, whether it’s text alerts or a personal phone call to you when there’s an event or product your supplier knows you would be interested in. A supplier that’s a true partner will know your business, interests and pain points, and will constantly be on the lookout for ways to help you.

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Premium Account Management Services

Your building materials supplier should offer an in-house charge account option for contractors or builders. A Spahn & Rose charge account helps streamline your accounts payable and also makes the purchasing process quicker and more efficient.

Invoices should are available online so you can pay whenever you have time, which could be late at night or early in the morning before construction starts.

In addition to an easy-to-use billing program, Spahn & Rose also offers expansive, attractive showrooms where you can take clients and meet with knowledgeable experts who will make you look good.

Buy Easier and Build Better with Spahn & Rose

Spahn & Rose offers you all of the features you need from a good supplier.

We work with our clients directly by offering free training  and networking events. These events are designed to improve your customer service, project installations and business operations and help you meet other locals in the industry.

We offer customers early access to products, giving builders more opportunity to impress clients and stay ahead of competitors. And we have a bulk order option for building materials. If you find that you rely on a certain product frequently, bulk orders come in handy, and ensure that you don’t run out of the materials you (or your customers) love.

Spahn & Rose Text Alerts tell our customers everything they need to know about new building materials, special events and deals on favorite products. We also make regular calls to our customers to ensure you are up-to-date on new offerings, industry news or on a new product or technology that solves a pain point you’ve recently encountered.

We offer account management to select contractor customers. In addition to an in-house charge account, contractors also have access to WebTrack, where they can generate account statements, check the status of supply orders and integrate the tool with business software like Quickbooks. The WebTrack online portal also comes with a mobile app to make accessing account information even more efficient and let you pay your bills at a time that’s convenient for you and your workday.

Build Business Success With Your Building Materials Supplier

When you’re running a contracting business, you juggle a considerable amount of project tasks. It’s often easy to get overwhelmed or fall behind on projects when things aren’t running smoothly.

And while nothing is perfect, your building materials supplier might be your biggest support in completing your projects successfully. From text alerts to training, your supplier should have what your business needs to stay successful and ahead of competitors. Ask about available benefits to ensure you’re making the most of your relationship.

Contact a Spahn & Rose rep today to find out how you can benefit from our builder-supplier relationship.