Contractors and Homeowners Build Better with Spahn & Rose

For new home builds, renovations or even everyday repairs, Spahn & Rose is where contractors and homeowners meet to build better. Spahn & Rose is like an extra member of a contractor’s crew, providing expert advice on buying, project planning and job-site building-material delivery. For homeowners, Spahn & Rose is an invaluable planning and design resource, enabling you to turn your dream home, kitchen or bathroom into reality.

Here are six ways Spahn & Rose can make any project go more smoothly for contractors and homeowners alike.

  1. In-person showroom visits

Whether you’re deciding on a finish for kitchen cabinets as part of a new-home build or looking to swap out bathroom-cabinet hardware for an updated look, Spahn & Rose showrooms enable homeowners to see—in person—what these products will look like in their home.

  1. Cabinet design services

With decades of experience, Spahn & Rose cabinet designers help walk homeowners through the process of selecting and buying cabinets. Contractors can rely on Spahn & Rose cabinet designers to be an integral part of planning and building.

  1. Estimating and measuring services

Specializing in new construction, additions, commercial, agricultural, kitchen and bath cabinetry, Spahn & Rose’s estimating and measuring service is especially critical when building-material prices are unpredictable, as they have been for the past year. Also, Spahn & Rose expert estimators can spec anything from a kitchen remodel to a full home build, combining high-quality materials with the best available pricing. For contractors, this whole-project, single-source buying strategy can eliminate having to keep track of multiple invoices from multiple suppliers.

  1. House plans

The Spahn & Rose house plan service enables homeowners to turn their dreams into reality. Through each step, Spahn & Rose house plan experts will help establish a budget and timeline to the homeowner’s exact specifications while providing accurate renderings and design plans to the contractor. Spahn & Rose also offers detailed house plans each year that reflect current trends and styles in home building.

  1. Find-a-Contractor

Homeowners, are you looking for a qualified, experienced contractor? Contractors, are you looking for a way to boost your business and increase contact with potential customers? The answer to both questions: Spahn & Rose’s Find-a-Contractor. This online service enables homeowners to search for contractors by Zip code. All contractors and builders in this database have longstanding relationships with Spahn & Rose.

  1. Online Visualizer

From roofing projects to repainting a dining room, the Spahn & Rose Visualizer can help you select products, colors and styles. It’s as easy as uploading a photo and then navigating the product and color menus! Using the Visualizer, homeowners and contractors can also order accurate aerial measurements, interactive 3D models and design services.