Should My Company Have a Facebook Page?

The short answer? YES.

The long answer? The majority of your target customer is on Facebook, so why wouldn’t you be? You know it’s something you probably should do, but not sure if you have time? Or you have the time, but don’t know where to start? We are here to help!

The potential customer reach of a Facebook business page is huge, as half of its users log in every day. Facebook studies show that people interact with their favorite brands on Facebook more than on any other social network, are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan of it on Facebook, and are more likely to purchase a product after becoming a fan. THIS IS HUGE!

Step 1: You have to have a personal Facebook page in order to create a business page.

The good news is that you can add “admins” to your page to help you manage it. Have an employee that is willing to help? Wife or girlfriend? Delegate out managing can save you a ton of time!

Step 2: From your Facebook profile page, click the Pages header in the left-side navigation.

Next, click the Create a Page button, and select the type of page–Local Business or Place, for example, or Brand or Product. You’ll see a number of fields to fill out, such as your business category, name, and address. Next, click the Get Started button, and Facebook will guide you through the rest of the setup process, step by step.

Step 3: Fill in your information

When Facebook walks you through the initial steps, it will request information about your business–a logo for the page avatar, details for the About section, contact info, hours, website, etc. You have the option of designing a custom page which will help you stand out from others, but it is not a requirement. Facebook makes it pretty easy to follow the steps to create a page that meets your individual needs. If you are a Facebook beginner, we suggest you stick with the simple default page. You can change it when you have a little more time and experience.

Step 4: Managing your page

You will manage your Facebook page directly on the page by toggling who you are posting as. Toggle your person page if you want to post as yourself or toggle your business page if you want to post as the business. You can also change the profile picture and add photo albums from the home page as well. In Facebook’s “Edit Page” section, you can edit your page information, settings, permissions, etc.

On our next blog, we will dive a little farther into how to make Facebook easier!