CertainTeed Siding, Roofing Offer Vast Selection of Colors

With CertainTeed shingles on their roof, homeowners can be confident in some of the best weather protection possible. Recently, CertainTeed’s Landmark PRO line was certified as Class III impact-resistant, which means the shingle must withstand a 1¾-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet. Such strength and durability are hallmarks of CertainTeed, but aesthetics matter, too: A wide array of color options for shingles, siding and trim enable homeowners, builders and contractors to create eye-catching designs that boost curb appeal.

022023 SR SM Feb 23 CertainTeed imageAs a Spahn & Rose preferred vendor, CertainTeed offers more than 40 color choices for a home’s exterior—from invitingly warm blended hues to bold, striking palettes that highlight a home’s best features. CertainTeed has designed its siding, shingles and trim to be complementary, for a beautiful, professional look.

To help you sort through the available colors for siding, roofing shingles and trim, CertainTeed offers a number of online design tools.

3 Essential CertainTeed Design, Color Tools

Making decisions about your home’s exterior can be daunting. The exterior conveys much about a home and can be a place to highlight design features and boost curb appeal. To help you decide which CertainTeed siding, shingles and trim to use, check out these three design and color tools:

ColorView. With ColorView, you can choose from a variety of popular house designs or upload a photo of your own home to mix and match colors and see how they look.

Blend-It. Create just the right color for your design as you explore Blend-It, which lets you compare color blends and solid colors on CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Individual 5” Sawmill Shingles.

Spahn & Rose Visualizer. In addition to those CertainTeed tools, check out the Spahn & Rose Visualizer, which offers access to CertainTeed shingles, siding and trim.

Top Off Exterior with Trim

In addition to the striking good looks of CertainTeed siding and roofing shingles, its trim is designed to accent and protect the home. With attention to quality and detail, CertainTeed trim highlights architectural features and protects against the elements without rotting, peeling or fading.

CertainTeed trim is available in several shapes and styles that give any home a distinct personality. It has the look of painted wood while making windows, doors, corners and gables stand out. Trim style can be subtle, bold or contrasting to match any homeowner’s style.

For renovations, CertainTeed trim has a Restoration Millwork line of products including skirtboards, trimboards and corners.

To see how CertainTeed can make any home stand out, call or visit your nearest Spahn & Rose location.