Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Perfect Green Mountain Grill

Treat Mom to a sizzling steak cooked just the way she likes—or perhaps kebabs right off the grill bursting with fresh flavor. With Green Mountain Grills, cooking out for Mother’s Day is easier and tastier than ever.

Green Mountain Grills offer precise temperature control through an easy-to-use app. With Green Mountain Grills’ advanced system, you can monitor temperature, create cooking profiles, set timers and receive alerts all via your smartphone. Through their innovative design, Green Mountain Grills feed hardwood pellets into the firebox for a consistent, reliable flame, and the airflow within creates steady circulation of smoke that adds delicious flavor.

Smoking Grill 2 WEBThe hardwood pellets with which Green Mountain Grills cook food are available in blends to suit every taste. Premium Gold Blend pellets are a mix of red oak, hickory and maple, which subtly flavors food without overpowering it. The Premium Fruitwood Blend comprises cherry, beech and pecan wood that smells sweet during cooking and brings out foods’ natural flavor.

During the Spahn & Rose Mother’s Day Special, get up to $100 off Green Mountain Grills, available in three sizes for any grilling need:

  • Jim Bowie: 658 square inches of grilling surface
  • Daniel Boone: 458 square inches of grilling surface
  • Davy Crockett: 219 square inches of grilling surface

Visit your nearest Spahn & Rose store* and be grilling by Mother’s Day.

*Not all Spahn & Rose stores stock the Green Mountain Grills.