Badger Interior Doors: Easy to Install for Contractors, Stylishly Beautiful for Homeowners

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current one, interior doors are a stylishly beautiful finishing touch. Installing a functional yet elegant interior door is like adding an exclamation point to your home décor. With Spahn & Rose’s vendor partner Badger Corrugating, contractors and homeowners can find the ideal door to match the style of any home.

A bonus: Badger interior doors are made with ease of installation in mind so contractors and builders can finish jobs faster. Here are six ways Badger doors, with milled casing options, are ideal for your next project:

SR SM Nov 22 Blog Badger interior doorsExtensive variety of interior door styles. Badger interior doors are available in many styles and designs from modern to traditional, with more than 60 interior wood door configurations. In addition, Badger’s ability to provide custom millwork means that any door can be made to fit any space. Some of the available styles:

Flat panel wood doors

Flat panel primed MDF

Raised panel wood doors

Molded panel doors

Flush doors

Glass doors

Pantry doors

Louvered doors

Pocket doors

Barn doors

Many choices of wood, interior door material. Offering more than a dozen wood types, Badger provides homeowners a choice of natural woods—from those with grains and knots to sleek compound material. Within the wood species selection, you can choose deep red cherry with a fine, tight grain, quarter sawn oak with dramatic flecking and more.

Huge variety of installation-ready finishes. There’s no need to paint or stain Badger interior doors; they can be made with installation-ready finishes. Badger uses high solid content, pigmented oil stain for higher fade resistance. In addition to being hand-wiped for maximum clarity, Badger interior doors include a clear resin topcoat for scratch resistance. Available colors span the spectrum to complement interior design from traditional to modern. Badger also offers customized color matching, coordinating with any sample provided.

Packaged for the job site and quick installation. When Badger packs doors for shipping, it has contractors and builders in mind. All pre-hung interior doors are individually labeled based on the wood species, style, size and swing. This easy-to-read labeling aids quick installation. Interior doors from Badger are shrink-wrapped to help prevent damage from the elements—which also means that one door at a time can be moved without others falling off the pallet.

Custom millwork for renovations or new home builds. With specialty finishes, materials, woods and distressing options available, Badger can create one-of-a-kind style. Badger has a long history of custom millwork for interior doors, having manufactured them since 1903. Badger’s woodworking craftsmen are flexible and can create everything from statement interior doors, interior door and sidelite systems, commercial door systems and custom barn doors. Badger’s extensive custom millwork experience means contractors and builders can avoid extended lead times for special orders.

Casing options mean easier installation. Contractors and builders can save time with Badger’s mitered casing options. With the mitered and bundle option, interior doors come with a pre-mitered casing and are ready for installation. There’s no need to measure and cut. The mitered and assembled option includes pre-mitered casing sets sized for each door, assembled at the miter and ready to install at the job site. The mitered and applied interior door option includes casing sets with one set applied to one side of the door. Contractors and builders can simply slip the pre-hung door into the rough opening. Installation is quick and easy with this interior door option from Badger.