8 Ways to Make the Final Walkthrough a Success for Contractors and Homeowners

Spahn & Rose is positioned at a unique junction between homeowners and builders. Just about every day, homeowners consult with Spahn & Rose kitchen and bathroom cabinet design experts as they make choices about cabinet finishes and hardware. Contractors, meanwhile, rely on Spahn & Rose to help them prepare materials lists and ensure timely delivery of building products to job sites.

SR SM July 22 Final Walkthrough imageBoth homeowners and contractors turn to Spahn & Rose for high-quality materials such as Cameron Ashley Building Products. With the buying power of a national distributor but also strong local market knowledge, Cameron Ashley enables contractors and builders to save time and money. To help both contractors and homeowners, here are eight tips for the final walkthrough.

  1. Ramp up beforehand. As you are nearing completion of a project, create a punch list of final details to ensure that the home is ready for scrutiny. Some common things to consider:
    • Certificates and local inspections
    • Check that all appliances are installed correctly and working
    • Cleaning and dusting
    • Floor touch-ups
    • Wall paint touch-ups
  1. Anticipate a conversation. The final walkthrough isn’t just a time for builders to show off their craftsmanship with the expectation that the homeowners will be awed. Go into a walkthrough as though it’s going to be conversation. Prompt the homeowners to provide feedback about the work to ensure it aligns with their vision. Be sure to discuss any specific features the homeowners requested.
  2. Review technology or special features. New technology, especially appliances, home security systems and smart thermostats, can be intimidating. Homeowners may not be familiar with the features of such devices. This is an opportunity to show them how they work—and that the homeowners have gotten their money’s worth as well.
  3. Emphasize durability. Homeowners who paid for a new home or major renovation want to feel good about their decision. Show them how the improvements or the new build will be a good investment. For example, point out building products’ warranties, such as those available through Cameron Ashley and Spahn & Rose.
  4. Encourage looking at details. Allow—indeed, encourage—the homeowners to give their new home or renovation a thorough review. Even the smallest details are important: Do cabinet doors align? Are there rough edges or unsightly seams on countertops? By promoting a deep dive into their work, contractors can show that there are no small, hidden flaws.
  5. Compare before and after with photos. To see how far the project has progressed and to demonstrate the craftsmanship involved, look at photos from the early stages of the build compared to what the homeowners see now. Seeing what the space looked like before the project began will show off your work and give the homeowners a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Continue the relationship. Just because the project is done doesn’t mean the relationship with the homeowner is over. The final walkthrough presents a chance to connect with other customers through referrals and potentially line up additional work for the current client. If the homeowner is satisfied with the final walkthrough, ask for an online review.
  7. Explain warranties and maintenance programs. High-quality building materials like those from Spahn & Rose and Cameron Ashley have warranties. If any warranty work needs to be done, the contractor will likely be the homeowner’s first call. Explain warranties’ terms, such as years of coverage and any special conditions that apply, and review how the homeowner should make any warranty claims that arise.