7 Stylish, Amazingly Useful Master Bathroom Design Tips

A master bathroom is a private refuge, a place to which a homeowner should be able to retreat in style and comfort. Not only should a master bathroom look good and mirror the overall elegance and vibe of the house, but it should be seamlessly utilitarian, with lots of handy storage, functional drawers and ample countertops.

At Dunn Lumber, Spahn & Rose’s location in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, contractors, builders and homeowners rely on Dana Evans, Kitchen and Bath Designer, CKD, CBK, licensed member ASID, to create such stylishly useful master bathrooms. Here, Evans shares seven tips on how to use Dura Supreme cabinetry to create sanctuaries that not only look good but cater to homeowners’ individual tastes and needs.

  1. SR SM April 2022 Blog Dura Master Bathoom 2Add Drawers to Vanity Sink Base

Especially if the bathroom is a little cramped, a vanity sink base with a bottom drawer makes sense. “Dura Supreme has lots of flexibility, including two-, three-, four- and five-drawer bases,” Evans says. “The drawers can be sized based on use, such as smaller ones for toiletries and two bigger ones for towels.”

  1. Store Bathroom Essentials the Smart Way

Dura Supreme also offers cabinets with an under-sink storage tray. These pull-out trays have caddies with compartments specifically designed for makeup, hairbrushes and other toiletries. Trays also help eliminate countertop clutter, Evans says.

  1. Tap Into the Power of U Plumbing Drawers

One of Dura Supreme’s innovative designs is vanity cabinet drawers shaped like a U to go around plumbing. Other vanities may have faux drawers, but this Dura Supreme bathroom innovation offers additional convenient storage. If the plumbing is offset, no worries. Dura Supreme can create a drawer to fit any measurements.

  1. SR SM April 2022 Blog Dura Master Bathoom 1Customize Cabinets for Bathrooms of Any Size

When Evans works with contractors or homeowners to design a master bathroom, she’ll learn how the space is used to determine where storage is needed. “With Dura Supreme, we have the flexibility to make cabinets of any size with no charge for cut-downs on height, depth or width,” she says. “We’ll be able to get the maximum amount of storage space because of the flexibility Dura Supreme gives us.”

  1. Vary Master Bath Cabinet Construction

Another example of Dura Supreme master bathroom cabinets’ flexibility is in their construction. Cabinets can be framed, inset door or Euro style. Framed cabinets, offering a traditional look, are ideal for master bathrooms with plenty of space. Inset doors look good with both transitional and traditional interiors. Euro style, also called frameless cabinets, work well in master bathrooms that may be a little tight on space; their construction style provides additional storage.

  1. Add Convenience Design Elements

To help keep the countertop clean, it’s easy to implement convenience design elements that also make the space more personal. For example, electrical outlets can be incorporated into drawers, creating a charging station for tablets or phones while you’re getting ready. Dura Supreme cabinets can also have pullouts with metal lining for holding styling tools such as hair dryers and curling irons.

  1. Match Style with Vast Dura Supreme Finish Options

Between wood species, finishes, door styles and cabinet construction, Dura Supreme has more than 4,000 standard options for master bathroom cabinets. In addition, for a small charge, Dura Supreme can match any custom paint color. Finish options for cabinets include glazing accents, weathers, heirloom and heritage; styles range from traditional, such as Shaker, to modern and sleek, such as floating vanity with bamboo graining.